Yizhong Ji, Developer in Montreal, QC, Canada

Yizhong Ji

QA Automation Developer

Montreal, QC, Canada
Toptal Member Since
November 29, 2021

Ji is an automation framework enthusiast and 10+ years experienced UI and API automation test developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He mastered every major language used in automation and automation framework and has experience designing and building frameworks in Ruby, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Python. Ji enjoys working in a small team and a big team of more than 20 test automation developers.

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JavaScript, WebdriverIO, Express.js, Selenium, Appium
Java 8, TestNG, Selenium, REST Assured, Angular, Express.js, MongoDB...
Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions
Python 3, Pytest, Selenium, REST APIs


Quality Assurance (QA) - 10 yearsAutomated UI Testing - 10 yearsJava 8 - 10 yearsSelenium - 8 yearsREST APIs - 7 yearsTestNG - 6 yearsTypeScript - 5 yearsNode.js - 5 years


Montreal, QC, Canada



Preferred Environment

Java 8, Node.js, Ruby, TypeScript, Selenium, REST Assured, Automated UI Testing, REST API Automation, WebdriverIO

The most amazing...

...thing I've developed is a web application that helps companies to improve product quality, developers to troubleshoot failure, and managers to analyze trends.

Work Experience

2020 - 2021

Automation Team Leader

  • Built one framework using WebdriverIO with JavaScript and TypeScript that works for the web, mobile, and all front-end-related automation and API.
  • Supported the team to automate and maintain front-end automation with Selenium and Appium.
  • Led the team to construct component automation with Storybook on the web, Espresso on Android, and XCUITest on iOS.
Technologies: JavaScript, WebdriverIO, Express.js, Selenium, Appium
2015 - 2020

Automation Technical Lead

  • Created an in-house UI and API framework to replace the existing QTP and SoapUI framework; resulted in 2,000 UI test cases and 10,000 API tests made with the new framework and integrated into the nightly CI pipeline within four years.
  • Defined the coding pattern, regulation, and best practices for UI and API automation.
  • Coordinated with the local and remote contractors to deliver and maintain API and UI automation tests.
  • Established a code quality checking process using the open-source application SonarQube to improve the quality of the automation.
  • Helped the local and remote teams set up the automation process and enforce these rules, troubleshooting automation problems and issues daily.
Technologies: Java 8, TestNG, Selenium, REST Assured, Angular, Express.js, MongoDB, Quality Assurance (QA)
2014 - 2015

Senior Automation Specialist

Yellow Pages Digital & Media Solutions
  • Collaborated closely with the development team to define, scale, write, and manage test cases for the customized Salesforce functions and features; resulted in the automation of test cases from Apex level up to UI level with Selenium.
  • Developed a central execution and reporting system that stores the regression results sent from TeamCity and triggers a new regression run using Ruby on Rails with MongoDB.
  • Maintained a legacy QTP testing framework that is executed on a Siebel-based web application.
Technologies: Python 3, Pytest, Selenium, REST APIs
2009 - 2012

Automation Engineer

  • Built single-handedly a data-driven and JUnit-based testing framework with Java that automates the execution of more than 100,000 CLI commands with user-friendly report generation and active log monitoring.
  • Led the development of a Java Swing front-end QTP automation framework that involves more than 3,000 GUI components for action simulation and manipulation.
  • Designed and wrote a test plan and used a Bash script to build tools to automate the installation and upgrades of all in-house products.
Technologies: Java 8


UReport—Automation Reporting Web Application with Auto Failure Analysis

UReport is an Angular-based open-source web application that provides automation executions trends analysis and auto failure analysis based on historical data and failures. It is user-friendly for both the management teams and automation developers.

With public and easy-to-integrate RESTful API, UReport works for all automation testing frameworks. With the build-in dashboards, managers can see the past automation executions in various charts and have a crystal clear overview of the product's quality, trends for the stability of the automation results, and regression rate with past releases. Automation developers can focus on the root cause of individual test case failure with the failure messages, stack trace, and screenshots from any selected executions and compare current executions with the past ones.

Automation Testing Framework for UKG

A Java-based automation framework for UI and API automation using Selenium and REST Assured. It helped the company develop and maintain over 2,000 UI automation tests and 10,000 API automation tests over three years.

I acted as the designer and architect of the framework's UI part and a designer and contributor on the API part of the framework. The framework offered a customized page factory solution that reduced 30% line of code for UI page objects. The framework is also connected to an open-source reporting system I developed that helps the team troubleshoot daily failures and keep up the rapid development cycle while maintaining a 97%~99% automation nightly pass rate.

All-in-one JavaScript-based Framework for Touchtunes

A JavaScript-based automation framework works with web automation using Selenium, mobile automation using Appium, and RESTful API automation and command-line interface tests with socket.IO. I centralized all front-end-related automation within the same codebase and best practices, reducing maintenance costs with this framework.



Java 8, TypeScript, Java, HTML, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, TypeScript 3, SQL, Python, Python 3


TestNG, Selenium, Angular, Express.js, Cypress, Ruby on Rails 5, Angular Material, JUnit, Appium, Espresso Testing Framework, XCUITest, React Native


Node.js, REST APIs, React, Socket.IO


Eclipse IDE, Jira, Slack, REST Assured, Bitbucket, WebdriverIO, Mocha, Postman, TestRail, GitLab, GitHub, Pytest, Jenkins, Apache JMeter


Testing, Test Automation, Web Design Patterns, Scrum


Web, Windows, Visual Studio Code (VS Code), MacOS, Docker, Linux


Automated UI Testing, REST API Automation, QA Automation, Defect Management, Quality Assurance (QA), DOM, UI Automation, Website QA, API Testing, QA Testing, UI Testing, Test Planning, Manual QA, Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF), Agile Sprints, Agile Practices, Programming, Groovy Scripting




2003 - 2008

Bachelor's Degree in Software Engineering

Concordia University - Montreal, Quebec, Canada