Zack Philipps, Developer in Indianapolis, IN, United States

Zack Philipps

Software Developer

Indianapolis, IN, United States
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August 3, 2016

Zack is a hybrid designer/developer experienced with every single aspect of the website or web application development process. He is a highly skilled and efficient individual, and a pleasure to work with.

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Element Three
CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, NGINX, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress...
Web Design, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Ubuntu, NGINX, Apache, MySQL, PHP...


Indianapolis, IN, United States



Preferred Environment

Git, Atom, Ubuntu, MacOS

The most amazing...

...thing I've built is a web app that was originally written in ASP. I reverse-engineered it in WordPress and included a lot of AJAX and design/UX improvements.

Work Experience

2016 - PRESENT

Development Lead

Element Three
  • Implemented instant search and single-page application behavior via AngularJS for Airstream's blog.
  • Rebuilt core components of Airstream's WordPress site in Laravel for enhanced functionality.
  • Became WordPress Champion, redeveloping the in-house WordPress theme.
  • Assisted with DevOps and source control implementation.
  • Rebuilt Airstream's Dealer Locator using Mapbox API for a richer user experience.
Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, NGINX, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress, AngularJS, Laravel
2013 - 2016

Executive Director

  • Promoted from intern through to Executive Director in two years.
  • Sustained 20% year-over-year growth.
  • Created a WordPress theme called Scratch that we used for all of our projects.
  • Re-organized the project management system.
  • Introduced version control and DevOps via Git, Bitbucket, and Codeship.
  • Administrated cloud hosting via DigitalOcean.
  • Strengthened skills in graphic design and digital photography.
  • Quoted and wrote proposals for all projects.
Technologies: Web Design, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Ubuntu, NGINX, Apache, MySQL, PHP, WordPress


Scratch Theme for WordPress + ACF

Scratch is the world's first Advanced Custom Fields-ready WordPress theme. It's not so much a theme as a springboard for building your own fully custom WordPress themes.

Scratch starts with the HTML5 Boilerplate. Then, we add our custom SCSS and JS frameworks. After that, our custom Grunt file and Gulp file. Finally, we add our barebones template files and Scratch.php, a very small file that packs a punch.

This was a doozy. The old AspiraCE website was written in ASP with an MS SQL back-end. I rebuilt the site for WordPress, updated the design, and made it responsive. I improved several user actions on the site, like the course search above, by implementing AJAX calls instead of using GET variables.

Airstream Blog
I developed the redesign of the blog and implemented several UX enhancements via Angular. I built a real-time search and Single Page Application behavior, complete with URL routing, to eliminate a lot of page loads.

Boyd and Company Construction

This project was a real treat because of the design budget. We didn't have the limits we usually have on projects, so we were able to spend extra hours perfecting the CSS and optimizing things. There's a beautiful background video on the home page, and making the navigation menu look nice on top of it was a lot of fun.

As you scroll down the home page, you see the Divisions section. Our designer did a great job with this area and came up with the whole concept for the hover effect. The individual Divisions pages are equally beautiful.



CSS3, HTML5, PHP, JavaScript


Codeship, Bitbucket, GitHub, Adobe Photoshop, NGINX, Git, Apache, Atom, Adobe Illustrator, NPM, Gulp, Composer, Bower, Grunt


MacOS, WordPress, Ubuntu


jQuery, Velocity.js, Node.js


Responsive Web Design (RWD), UX Design


AngularJS, Laravel

Industry Expertise

Web Design, Photography




Design, Typography, Microsoft 365


2011 - 2014

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Computer Information Systems

Ivy Tech - Bloomington, Indiana