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Dave Aronson, United States

Member since February 25, 2014
Dave has over three decades of software development experience in a wide variety of languages, fields, techniques, etc. Now he mostly does Ruby (for security software and Rails back-ends), but he is also skilled in Python, C, Elixir, and much more. He can also mentor... Click to continue

Viktor Kerkez, United Kingdom

Member since November 24, 2017
For over 15 years, Victor's been working as a developer on a range of projects in various industries—from building smart grid solutions for the management of electric power distribution systems that covers cities and countries to bioinformatics systems with data proc... Click to continue

Grzegorz Eliszewski, Poland

Member since March 26, 2018
Grzegorz is a DevOps engineer experienced in creating continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, software development, and infrastructure maintenance for a variety of project sizes. A Cloud Native solutions advocate, he is also skilled in OpenShift and... Click to continue

Anders Bech Mellson, Denmark

Member since May 26, 2014
Anders is a software developer with a great sense for creative problem-solving. He has great experience with Swift, F#, C#, Scala, Java, Objective-C, Groovy, Xamarin (Certified mobile developer), Akka, Play, Grails, GWT, and more. He strives to understand what the cl... Click to continue

Aleksandr Popov, Czech Republic

Member since September 4, 2017
A distinguished software engineer and a veteran team lead, Alexandr has 17 years of experience of building and shipping pioneering software products used by thousands of marketing and creative teams worldwide. He's never shy of being on the cutting edge of technology... Click to continue

Christopher Ratcliff, United Kingdom

Member since January 27, 2016
As a highly experienced freelance software engineer, Christopher ensures that he keeps up to date with the latest technologies, and one of his greatest strengths is applying attention to the detail in designing and implementing innovative technical solutions that are... Click to continue