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Ask a Cybersecurity Engineer: Trending Questions About AI in Cybersecurity

By Ilia Tivin

In this ask-me-anything-style Q&A, leading Toptal cybersecurity expert Ilia Tivin responds to colleagues’ questions on AI in cybersecurity and provides data and network protection tips and best practices.

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The Benefits of Formosa Crypto Wallet Management

By Yuri da Silva Villas Boas

Formosa enhances crypto wallet management by leveraging easy-to-remember, themed security sentences rather than traditional and disparate recovery keywords. Formosa is secure, intuitive, and efficient.

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How to Use JWT and Node.js for Better App Security

By Gonzalo Hirsch

To protect client data, your system must identify and block uninvited visitors. Create a REST API using Node.js, TypeScript, and Express, enhanced with JWT support.

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Security in Django Applications: A Pydantic Tutorial, Part 4

By Arjaan Buijk

Django’s built-in security checker identifies vulnerabilities with ease. Here’s how you can enforce HTTPS redirects to tighten security on your web applications.

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