The Most Popular

Programming Technologies
and Languages in 2015

Programming languages and technologies change at lightspeed, and it’s changing the way companies and developers do business, interact with clients, and stay on the cutting edge.

By 2022, demand for software developers is expected to grow by20%, compared to just10.8%growth for other industries.

But while demand is increasing rapidly, some languages and technologies have grown faster than others.

Here are the languages and technologies that haverecently been demanded by the highest percentage of Toptal clients:

And here’s a look at the technologies and programming languages that are growing fastest in terms of client demand.

So what does this tell us?

JavaScript continues its astounding growth.
At 31.36% client demand, the world’s most popular programming language continues to be everywhere.

What’s more, JavaScript-based technologies look to be building on the language’s success,with AngularJS and Backbone.js topping the list of most rapidly growing technologies.

At an amazing 541.94% growth in demand over the past year,AngularJS is a must-learn framework for front-end developerslooking to stay on the cutting edge.

The MVC-based JavaScript framework is maintained by Google, and used on sites like…

And Backbone.js, JavaScript’s leading client-side library,has seen 233.33% growth in demand by Toptal clients,making it the second fastest growing technology.

Backbone.js code can be found powering sites like...

What about in the non‑JavaScript division?

Java, PHP, and Ruby are the other fast risers.

According to GitHub, Java was the 7th most popular language in 2009,and no other language has grown faster since then.
With 237.68% growth in client demand, it doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon.Java runs on an incredible 7 billion devices worldwide, powers all native Android apps,and is behind top sites like…
And while they might not be quite as commonly used as Java,PHP and Ruby have both exhibited sharp rises in popularity as well,with 176.35% and 162.50% growth, respectively.

Finally, if you’re interested in brand new languages, you might want to check out Swift,which is already demanded by 4.79% of Toptal clients since its launch in 2014.

Are you looking to launch your software engineering career?

Use the data above to understand which programming languages and technologies are most in demand by clients today,and which have been on the rise. For insight on the types of projects that developers like to take on using eachtype of technology, check out the work of Toptal developers in your technology of interest below.


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