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Javier Oscar Lusso, Argentina

Member since September 7, 2015
Javier is a computer engineer whose strongest languages are Python and PHP. He has over four years of experience designing, programming, and testing DSP algorithms. He also has experience in the web development area as back-end engineer working on APIs and as team le... Click to continue

Sameh Awaida, Canada

Member since July 7, 2017
Sameh is a successful data scientist and assistant professor experienced in computer and electrical engineering with more than 20 journal publications, conference papers, and patent applications in the fields of pattern recognition, data science, and machine learning... Click to continue

Antonio Seric, Croatia

Member since June 2, 2015
Antonio is a senior software developer with experience in developing all kind of applications (web, desktop, mobile, and IoT) in C# .NET framework, He also has experience in developing Android applications in Java and C# (Xamarin). He can help you with your project f... Click to continue