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Milos Maksimovic, Serbia

Member since October 13, 2015
Milos is a full-stack web developer with an eye for details. As a software engineer, he enjoys solving problems and working towards optimal solutions. His current top picks for technology are AngularJS and JavaScript in general, paired along with a strong .NET/MS SQL... Click to continue

Sebastian Durandeu, Argentina

Member since November 25, 2015
Sebastian is a full-stack software engineer with a primary focus on building web applications and services for the cloud using Microsoft technologies. He has worked as a vendor for different Microsoft Corp. groups for 8+ years (through Southworks). He believes his st... Click to continue

Kirill Chilingarashvili, Georgia

Member since December 30, 2015
Kirill is full-stack developer with expert knowledge of C#, JavaScript, and TSQL languages. He has previously worked as a team leader, software architect, CTO, consultant, and developer on a number of projects for over 12 years. He cares about the projects he works o... Click to continue