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Wednesday, February 22, 2023, 10:00 AM EST

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Join us for our next TopTalks event on Wednesday, February 22, 2022, at 10:00 AM EST hosted through the Speakers Academy program at Toptal! These monthly events allow Speakers Academy participants to practice their public speaking skills by demonstrating a well-formed idea in under 10 minutes, followed by a brief Q&A session. As an attendee, it’s a fun way to spend an hour learning about interesting topics.

Come learn from and support your fellow Toptalers. Your questions and feedback are greatly appreciated.


Harish Meeran Mohamed - Optimize Your QA Practices in the Fast Running Agile Cycles

In the agile world, Quality Engineers are under tight time pressure to complete QA activities to ensure faster release to customers without compromising on quality. This demands the need for optimization of QA activities and below are a couple of such techniques:

  1. Promote shared quality responsibility against the classical rules of mapping test levels against certain responsibles. What are all the advantages of shared responsibility?

  2. The quality of the test report can be much better if we convey the right story to the audience and not just the metrics. What stories are interesting in general?

Bushra Zaheer - Non-Superheroes Can Also Fly: Some Qualities Are Far More Important

Considering the necessary skills while adding members to your team is always a challenge. We have all witnessed passionate teams that we would have loved to contribute to, but never got the chance due to lack of required experience and tech skills.

When leaders solely benchmark job descriptions only against experience and tech skills, they are overlooking equally important values and losing out superstar team members. “You don’t hire for skills, you hire for attitude. You can always teach skills.” ― Herb Kelleher.

Join this talk to learn about my experience with:

  • Creating lifelong trusted teams

  • Building superheroes from people with “no experience”

  • Delivering 5-star business values with these superheroes

Any Toptal Community member is welcome to present a talk. Are you interested in speaking at a TopTalks event?

Sign up here or join #_prog-speakers-academy to register for an upcoming Speakers Academy program and find public speaking tips.

This event is only for talent in our network.

To participate please RSVP here and look out for the link/password posted in our #_community-events channel on Slack and in the relevant local channel.

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