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Resize your Images

Online Image Resize, for PNGs, JPGs, GIFs and BMPs. Free! Provides an API. Simple Quick and Fast.

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Ajax uploads require a modern browser, if not, a we'll use a regular post.

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Resize Methods

  • Fixed Width - height is automatically resized with the same ratio with the width
  • Fixed Height - width is automatically resized with the same ratio as the height
  • Scale - the image is scaled so that the width OR height is adjusted correctly for the new dimensions and both axis are scaled similarly. It is then centre cropped.
  • Stretch - each dimension is stretched independently to the new size, without trying to keep the same ratio
  • Letterbox - the image is scaled so that each dimension keeps the same ratio, but any areas which are not taken are filled with the background color. You do not lose any image to a crop.
  • Percentage - the image is scaled in both dimensions at this ratio

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Do not hotlink to images since they will be removed every 10 minutes. Maximum filesize is 5MB.


To resize your image files perform a POST request to with the input parameter set to the file content you want to crush, the op param set to one of fixedWidth, fixedHeight, scale, stretch, letterbox or percentage and the relevant params for each operation set correctly (see below):

curl -X POST \
    -s \
    --form 'op=fixedWidth' \
    --form 'width=200' \
    --form 'input=@flowers.jpg;type=image/jpg' \ > flowers-200x150.jpg

To see implementations in other languages see the Examples page.