Is your company remote ready?

As a world leader in remote work, we've identified six key areas necessary to effectively operate a remote organization. Find out how remote ready your organization is with our 3-5 minute assessment.

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How It Works

  • Take our interactive, 3-5 minute assessment
  • Discover the current stage of your company's Remote Work Readiness
  • Download a PDF Report summarizing our recommendations
  • Speak with an expert about your results

Measuring Remote Work Readiness

Our Remote Work Readiness model includes everything from company culture to technological capabilities, helping us assess your current remote readiness capabilities and offer suggestions to help your organization build and sustain a robust remote work environment.

Areas of Evaluation

Our model looks at six key areas essential to running a successful remote organization.

  • Hiring, Management, & Engagement

    Hiring, Management, & Engagement

    Hiring and retaining talent looks very different for a distributed workforce. Company leaders must be prepared to change the way they manage teams and track progress. A culture that values trust, autonomy, and diverse skillsets is critical.

  • Remote Strategy & Leadership

    Remote Strategy & Leadership

    For a remote company to succeed, leaders must be prepared to invest in a values-based culture that champions trust and transparency. To accomplish company objectives, alignment among leaders and teams is paramount.

  • Communication & Collaboration Tools

    Communication & Collaboration Tools

    Traditional technologies are designed for locally-based teams, but there are a variety of new tools and programs that enable seamless communication and collaboration among globally-distributed teams.

  • Technical Infrastructure

    Technical Infrastructure

    Leveraging the proper software is the foundation for successful technical teams. Whether it's using 3rd party software or custom in-house systems, implementing remote best practices for development, design, and management allows organizations to excel remotely.

  • Policies & Compliance

    Policies & Compliance

    Having the right policies and procedures to operate remotely builds the foundation needed to accomplish business goals. With the right approach to mitigate risk, operating safely and securely outside location constraints is achievable.

  • Security & Privacy

    Security & Privacy

    Longterm success requires remote-specific considerations for security standards and privacy regulations. Customer and brand trust is established through risk avoidance designed for the remote workplace.

Remote Work Readiness Stages

Companies in the Beginning Stage have many opportunities to implement new technologies, tools, and processes that will improve the productivity and collaboration of teams, mitigate risk and security issues, and dramatically increase the company's ability to be effective and efficient in a remote setting.

The Leading Expert in Remote Work

For over a decade, Toptal has thrived as a fully distributed global company, with over 4,000 individuals working in a fully remote environment, in over 100 countries. We have no office.

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