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Are you struggling to scale your team in a time of rapid digital growth? You’re not alone. Engineering managers like you continue to face challenges structuring and scaling their teams, leading to inefficiencies and delays to market. Worst case scenario, the inability to scale quickly could ultimately lead a business to fail. Our new eBook “Architecting Scalable Engineering Teams” features insights from five engineering leaders to help you scale and structure your team, avoid common mistakes, and keep you on track for success.


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Rocco Palladino

Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign

Rocco Paladino is the Director of Engineering at ActiveCampaign. He was one of the company’s first engineers and has grown with the business into his current role as one of their Directors of Engineering, in which he oversees six teams.

Marco Santos

Director of Engineering at Toptal

Marco Santos is a technologist with 20+ years of development and management experience. At Toptal, he currently manages a team of over 40 engineers. He has successfully navigated a variety of engineering and product challenges across multiple sectors and technical disciplines, and has worked in senior leadership for companies like OpenX, and Yahoo.

Nik Patel

CTO and Co-Founder at Cohesion

As Chief Technology Officer, Nik is responsible for leading execution of software development efforts to achieve the company’s vision and goals. Over the 10+ years of his career, Nik has continued to work on numerous technology stacks, database systems, and IT infrastructure to create scalable, resilient, and adaptable software systems. Nik has a keen ability to take an idea from concept to inception with limited resources and specializes in finding an optimal technology solution that fits the market needs.

Josh Holat

CTO and Co-founder at Cube

Josh is the CTO at Cube, a company dedicated to making FP&A faster, smarter, and simpler. Before that he co-founded a business that created fan clubs, email marketing, and e-commerce stores for content creators, bands, and celebrities. He is a self taught programmer who enjoys the challenge of building new companies and engineering teams.

Snehal Kundalkar is a Pilot & the Chief Technology Officer at Valence. She’s been a tech leader for the past two decades including work at Apple and Reddit. Snehal strives to be a changemaker and help build next generation minority leaders.