About Hastebin

What is Hastebin?

Hastebin is a text store site or Pastebin tool that allows you to easily share plain text, such as code snippets, with others. Our website is primarily used by developers and programmers to store pieces of source code or configuration information, however, it is available to everyone for free. Use the Hastebin utility to store and share large amounts of information online for yourself and others.

How do I use Hastebin?

Simply type or paste what you want to share with others, click:
"Save" (or press 'control + s'), and copy the URL by clicking "Copy Shareable URL" (or press 'control + u').
Then you can send that URL to someone, and they'll see what you see.

To make a new entry, click:
"Start a New Text" (or press 'control + alt + n')

You can also duplicate and edit a saved text by clicking:
"Duplicate Text" (or pressing 'control + d')

To get the raw version of a saved text click:
"Download RAW File" (or press 'control + shift + r')

What about Hastebin's API?

Hastebin has a free public API to be used programmatically in any application. Check our documentation page to learn how to use it.

What is your Privacy Policy?

While the contents of Hastebin are not directly crawled by any search robot that obeys "robots.txt", there should be no great expectation of privacy. Post things at your own risk. Toptal LLC is not responsible for any loss of data or removed pastes.

For more information, you can view our privacy policy here.

Is Hastebin open source?

Hastebin can easily be installed behind your network, and it's all open source!

How long does pasted content stay around?

Pasted content will be available for 7 days. It may be removed earlier and without notice.

How to contact Hastebin customer support?

For immediate assistance, please email our customer support: support@toptal.com