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Javier Jair Trejo García
United States
Javier is a web developer, manager, and consultant with 6 years of Python development experience. He has a solid understanding of web development, and is well versed in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. As of late, he has worked on single page apps using AngularJS and is very interested in Clojure.
Matthew Keas
United States
I am an Oklahama-born, Texas-raised gent with brief Australian and British residences. I find hobbies in scientific computing, compilers, web development, and computer security. After settling with a CompSci degree from the UT Austin and two security certifications from "the man", one directly from the NSA, I found myself consulting and freelancing as well in the creative universe of web development. The remaining 90% of my experience involves two startups; one SXSW campaign; a healthy dose of freelance and art; authoring a few books; some speaking arrangements at large conferences; organizing a conference in Houston (http://spacecityjs.com); and a consulting position that helped to round out my eccentricity. ##### A little about me: - Personal sites: http://mkeas.org and http://www.dstllry.co/ - I teach, speak, and author books and open-source for a living (http://mkeas.org/talks) - I am a applying member to TC39, the technical committee that adds specifications/features to the JavaScript language - I am a lead and mentor with the Station Houston program (@stationhouston), an @1871Chicago style program - I am a serial entrepreneur and @CapitalFactory alumni - I'm a community leader at http://houstonjs.com and http://nodejshouston.com/ - I am the primary organizer of http://spacecity.codes and http://hacktoberfe.st, a conference and hackathon series in Houston - I'm submitting http://www.areyoufacingnorth.com to Sundance 2016 (http://www.areyoufacingnorth.com/#/) - John Resig (of jQuery fame) once asked me for advice while I was speaking at FOWA Boston 2014 - I've been called a "Human Xanax Bar" – I solve problems for others - My code lives at https://github.com/matthiasak and https://codepen.io/matthiasak/public - where I enjoy exploring concepts and paradigms for fullstack web apps, interactive graphics/interfaces, and physics simulations. - I've been quoted on Software Lead Weekly: https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/522487097328820225 - I built this Listening Cloud, a hardware project, which responds to tweets: https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/590579758297128960 - Soundcloud is my favorite music service, but the web player has some problems, so I made my own. Here's my latest playlist: http://matthiasak.github.io/boomskis/#playlist/4064293 - I was a judge for Node Knockout 2015 (http://www.nodeknockout.com/judges) - I built a classroom coding tools (http://matthiasak.github.io/Arbiter/dist/) and (http://matthiasak.github.io/Arbiter-frame/dist/) to get live output of JavaScript programs. It even parses your code (ES7/6) into ES5 using babel-core, sends the compiled code to a web worker, and pipes output back to the main thread. Cool examples: - https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/623905731700363264 - https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/622822867206455297 - https://medium.com/@matthiasak/releasing-arbiter-v1-5467fc39d70e - https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/635337763873656832 - https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/636332644871966720 - https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/635980283041284096 - https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/635337007552577536 - https://twitter.com/matthiasak/status/634140496869240832 - http://matthiasak.github.io/toptal-react-crash-course-aug-2015-nyc/dist/ - https://matthiasak.github.io/keas-to-the-future-fullstack-barcelona-2015/dist/ - I've been published in NET magazine (online version here: http://www.creativebloq.com/web-design/how-create-custom-user-interface-81516377) - I submit PRs to open-source, when I can. For example, I added support to Mithril.js (A React-like virtual DOM library) to bootstrap server-side-rendered HTML instead of re-rendering the entire page at the browser app's initial rendering (https://github.com/lhorie/mithril.js/pull/756). - I create boilerplate/boostrap projects (https://github.com/matthiasak/universal-js-boilerplate) that allow developers and students at The Iron Yard to get resources and tools installed quickly so they can focus on coding. - I also created a library (https://github.com/matthiasak/mithril-resolver) that allows the developer to colocate data queries and network requests _with_ virtual DOM components for server _and_ browser-side JavaScript apps. Incoming are the ability to inject data into client-side apps, and batch network requests to reduce the cost of latency. If you didn't quite understand that, just know it makes interface and data fit into plug'n'play puzzle pieces on servers and clients. Largely, I stay connected and ensure I proved value to the communities wherein I hang a shingle. :)
Ignacio Freiberg
Ignacio is a software engineer and architect with more than 8 years of experience in many programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. He enjoys working in freelance mode to give him the opportunity to constantly develop new skills, and he is familiar with many different paradigms and technologies.

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