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  • Jaideep Moorthy, Project Manager for hire
  • Marco De Stefano, Scrum Master for hire
  • Jana Dakic, Product/Project Manager for hire
  • Ruth Madrigal, Project Manager for hire
  • Jon Thomas, Lead Technical Project Manager for hire
  • Michael Poythress, Product Owner for hire
  • Geeta Acharya, Project Manager for hire
  • Jeffrey Hoffman, Lead Project Manager for hire
  • Meko Kofahl, Chief Product Officer for hire
  • Jamie Teresuk, Designer for hire
  • Miodrag Mijailovic, Senior Project Manager for hire
  • Paul Barnes, Delivery Manager for hire

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    Vetted extensively, Toptal project managers represent the top 3% of talent in the world.

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    Work with your new hires on a no-risk trial basis, paying only if satisfied.

Meet Toptal® Project Managers

Jaideep Moorthy

Richard Forsythe

Ruth Madrigal

Jaideep Moorthy

Jaideep is a tech all-rounder with more than 15 years of service delivery, program, and project management experience. He has hands-on experience in building and deploying eCommerce, ERP, CRM, data warehousing, business intelligence, and DevOps infrastructure solutions and platforms. He is also an engineer by training and has managed large teams.

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