Erica Gasparini, Project Manager in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Erica Gasparini

Project Manager in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Member since August 14, 2018
Erica is an agile project manager with almost a decade of experience and she has worked on a multitude of different topics and products. Erica is a quick learner with strong networking, communication, and organizational skills, and she loves working with international teams.
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Project Highlights




  • Project Manager

    2019 - 2020
    Social News Desk
    • Managed the backlog ensuring that the developers were working on what's most important for the business.
    • Supported the release process through coordinating testing and identifying and removing blockers.
    • Managed a team of three Toptal developers to deliver new functionality in an Agile way within the timeframe desired by the client.
    • Coordinated and facilitated some Scrum ceremonies, such as daily Scrum meetings, refinements, and showcases.
    • Liaised with stakeholders to gather feedback on a newly built functionality and carry that back to the development team.
    • Worked closely with the client to ensure new topics are fleshed out enough for the team to get started.
  • Agile Project Manager

    2019 - 2019
    Simple Online Health, Ltd.
    • Led a two-week-long Toptal Lightning Start project to identify business needs and MVP scope.
    • Worked closely with the client, tech lead, and design lead to ensure a successful outcome.
    • Managed the Lightning Start deliverables on a daily basis.
  • Agile Project Manager

    2019 - 2019
    HealthJay, Inc.
    • Led lightning-start discovery sessions to identify business needs and MVP scope.
    • Put together a project plan with deliverables spread across the given timeline and possibly what could be achieved beyond that period.
    • Managed the backlog and priorities and wrote epics and user stories based on business requirements.
    • Worked together with the team and presented sprint progress on a weekly basis, including an overview of any existing risks or blockers, open actions, and project status.
    • Regularly aligned with the client on any changes in priorities and promptly updated the backlog and the team to reflect them.
  • Product Owner

    2018 - 2019
    • Served as the product owner of the data feeds team and Bugaboo's B2B platform.
    • Implemented data feeds API from Bugaboo's internal systems to external parties, such as Channel Engine, Content Analytics, and Bazaarvoice.
    • Managed stakeholders and prioritized the backlog based on business requests and features impact.
    • Followed a "scrumban" approach with both elements of Scrum and Kanban.
    • Collaborated with developers from different backgrounds, such as Node.js, Intershop, JavaScript, and Salesforce.
  • Product Owner

    2017 - 2018
    • Managed and prioritized the product backlogs of four different products to ensure the team is always working on what brings the most value.
    • Provided stakeholder management and education on Agile and Scrum methodologies.
    • Performed market research, identified personas, held story mapping exercises, and prepared business canvases.
    • Facilitated Scrum ceremonies such as daily standup, refinement, and weekly show and tell.
  • Product Owner, Site Optimization

    2017 - 2017
    Adidas International
    • Managed and prioritized the product backlog to ensure the team was always working on what brings the most value.
    • Educated stakeholders on Agile principles and conducted business impact workshops to improve transparency in the prioritisation process.
    • Wrote epics and user stories, with focus on the definition of done.
    • Worked along-side the Scrum Master to facilitate Scrum ceremonies and improve internal processes.
  • Product Owner Internal Tools & HRIS

    2013 - 2016
    • Managed the product backlog and wrote epics and user stories.
    • Prioritized the backlog to ensure the team is always working on what brings the most value.
    • Performed data analysis on the usage of internal tools using MySQL.
    • Educated the HR Department on Agile principles and established the first Scrum team in HR.
    • Looked after the second phase of the global transition from SAP to Workday as HR system. Responsible for implementing the absences functionality in APAC, US and LATAM. Experience in the compensation and talent modules.
    • Actively involved in multiple data migrations and systems integrations.
  • IT Coordinator

    2010 - 2013
    • Coordinated all operational activities in the technology department.
    • Organized and facilitated technical and soft skills training sessions in the technology department.
    • Planned department events and organised company attendance at conferences, for recruitment purposes.
    • Coordinated and ensured the R&D tax credit process (WBSO) was successful.
    • Mentored and coached a team of three coordinators and two external consultants.

Project History

  • Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master
    From a business idea in the healthcare industry to a fully functioning mobile app in only eleven weeks.

    HealthJay is a ground-breaking suite of wearable, mobile and web apps that provides seniors and their families with the necessary tools for an independent and worry-free retired life.

    This Toptal project started with a two-week lightning start, during which the lead developer, the lead designer and myself worked closely together with the client to get to the core of the business idea. We expanded on it to understand the bigger picture and then narrowed down the scope to a limited set of features that bring value to customers (MVP).

    During the following eleven weeks, we focused on building the product using the lightning start findings as our first building block. In this period we further refined and adjusted the initial ideas as they matured into a concrete product.

    My responsibilities included:
    - Facilitating scrum ceremonies
    - Tracking risks and blockers until resolved
    - Maintaining the backlog up to date and prioritized

    By the end of the project, we had a fully functioning app ready to be released to the App Store.

  • Agile Project Manager/Scrum Master
    Led a two-weeks Lightning Start aimed at building a mobile app for an online pharmacy.

    Simple Online Pharmacy is a well established UK online pharmacy that wants to step up their game by offering their patients repeat prescription through a mobile app.

    Through the Lightning Start, the lead developer, lead designer, and I worked closely with the client to understand business requirements and challenges.

    During these two weeks, we put together the epics and user stories for an MVP, user flows, wireframes, personas and a proposal for a recommended tech stack.

  • Project Manager Bazaarvoice
    Implemented and deployed Bazaarvoice across Bugaboo's 23 different locales in less than eight weeks.

    As the project manager of the Bazaarvoice implementation, I was the link between the Bazaarvoice support team and Bugaboo's internal development teams.

    My main responsibilities included:
    - defining requirements
    - assessing potential risks and road-blockers
    - liaising with internal stakeholders, such as the marketing department, customer service, product development, etc.
    - prioritizing user stories across different development teams
    - providing regular status updates
    - maintaining the Bazaarvoice config hub

    Within six weeks from the start of the project, we were able to do a soft launch in our pilot market, and two weeks later we deployed to the remaining 22 locales, making it one of Bazaarvoice's fastest implementations.

  • Project Manager Data Feeds
    Implemented multiple data feeds to scale Bugaboo's online presence.

    Working with a team of three Node.js developers we implemented a data feed API to connect Bugaboo's product catalog with external parties.

    The goal is to make it possible for Bugaboo to increase their online presence by expanding the operational work necessary when partnering with retailers, e-tailers, advertising channels such as Google Shopping or AdRoll and social media.

    Within a few months, we saw an outstanding 10% increase in traffic via Google Shopping.

  • HRIS - APAC Absences Management
    Launch Workday absence management functionality to 16 countries in the APAC region including integrations with other systems.

    At HR we had a strong need to improve our processes and we identified that absence management was of crucial importance.

    Together with a team of three HR administrators representing the business, two payroll specialists, three workday consultants and two data experts we implemented a tailor-made solution for employees working in 16 countries in the Asia Pacific.

    From a technical standpoint:
    - we implemented absence rules according to the different legal requirements of each country,
    - functionality was developed and released in an agile way, with small iterative steps
    - before rolling out the new functionality we performed an intensive data clean up the process and migrated data from the existing SAP system to Workday
    - user acceptance tests and user training (for admin users)
    - to support payroll processing we created customized absence payroll reports
    - to support the business and operations we developed a two-directional systems integration with the existing workforce management tool

    From the discovery phase to full completion the project took around 11 months.

    The HR operations team saw a decrease in employees' requests by 70% after the new absence management system went live.

  • Streamline Online Payments
    Aligned adidas' online payment systems.

    Reduced overhead, minimized risk and time to business by working with the same payment service provider across different markets.

    The analysis phase was very extensive and it included a thorough review of requirements, risks, and possible points of failure.

    Multiple teams across the business were involved, among which the agile development team I was PO of, who were in charge of the front end side and integration with back-end systems.

    Unfortunately, the functionality was never rolled out because the project leads couldn't get the buy-in from all stakeholders involved.

  • Product Owner of the Messaging Engine
    Improved scalability and resilience of's messaging engine.

    The messaging engine,'s core system for transactional messages, suffered a severe outage that saw a newly formed team of three senior developers work around the clock for 48 hours to mitigate the issues.

    Once the system was stable again I was put in charge as the product owner of a newly formed team of senior developers to ensure the root cause of the outage was solved, the system was strong, scalable and resilient.

    Once it was clear that we needed to significantly increase the number of servers and lines, we took the chance to challenge the relationships with our existing suppliers. We sent out an RFP to existing and new suppliers and at the end of the process, one of the existing suppliers was let go of in favor of a new one.

    As part of this process, we tested supplier performance per country and added that dimension to routing rules, which initially were only based on costs.

    The team involved in this project was composed of three senior developers and one system admin, and we worked in close cooperation with our data center engineers.


  • Master's degree in Information Technology
    2009 - 2010
    Tilburg University - Tilburg, The Netherlands
  • Bachelor's degree in Linguistics
    2005 - 2008
    Università degli Studi di Padova - Padova, Italy


  • Become a Front-end Web Developer
    LinkedIn Learning
  • Design-Led Strategy: Design Thinking for Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship
    University of Sydney

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