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Charles Wigand, United States

freelance project management consultant
Chuck Wigand has been managing software projects for startups and enterprises, like IHS Markit, for over 15 years. By combing his project management experience with his product management expertise, his clients get the full landscape perspective that exceeds their ex... Click to continue

Richard Forsythe, United States

freelance project management consultant
Richard’s success in managing large development projects stems from in-depth experience in a multitude of roles covering development, product ownership, and QA engineering. This client-centered experience, combined with a successful track record in managing global te... Click to continue

Joseph Adams, United States

freelance project management consultant
Joseph is a project manager and business developer proficient in ASP.NET (C#), Microsoft SQL Server, and cross-platform web/mobile development using Corona (Lua). He is mission and team oriented with a focus on skill replication and team mentorship. The ideal project... Click to continue

Alexander Weekes, United Kingdom

freelance project management consultant
Alex's skills as a project manager helped integrate athlete management tech into many UK universities such as Birmingham City University. He joined Toptal to add his expertise in Agile methodologies and best practice leadership techniques to help complete innovative ... Click to continue

Roxana-Maria Grigore, Germany

freelance project management consultant
Roxana is an experienced, talented Agile Delivery expert and transformation consultant who is passionate about leadership that empowers people. She believes that both Agile and the latest management research are guiding us to a new generation of leaders who take care... Click to continue

Celso Pinto, United Kingdom

freelance project management consultant
A skilled operator with 20 years of experience in the software industry, Celso has deep experience in managing projects in SaaS companies and regulated (eg. FinTech) industries. Having worked with engineering teams and senior management in successfully adopting Agile... Click to continue

Seamus Ryan, Ireland

freelance project management consultant
Seamus has spent a large portion of his career at Microsoft, starting as a developer, moving onto a project manager role, then as a scrum master, and finally as an Agile coach for an organization of scrum masters. He has extensive experience in delivering line-of-bus... Click to continue

Goran Bokun, Croatia

freelance project management consultant
Goran has worked at both large corporations and small startups, as a developer, consultant, and project and product manager. He has coordinated both small and complex projects in both resource-starved and glutted environments. He specializes in ERP, billing, CRM, int... Click to continue

Nermin Catovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

freelance project management consultant
Nermin is a successful agile project and program manager with over five years in mortgage, finance, and office rental industries. Over his career, he's had multiple roles (scrum master, product owner, and system delivery manager for enterprise systems) and led variou... Click to continue

Emre Ilke Cosar, Turkey

freelance project management consultant
Emre is a results-driven leader with lean product development and project management experience. As a Project Manager, he has led cross-functional teams delivering high profile tech-products for banking, eCommerce, and food and beverage sectors, using Scrum. Emre ha... Click to continue