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Merrill Lynch
Bain & Company

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I applied to Toptal simply to work on challenging freelance projects. However, one year later I've realized I joined something much more than that and I'm eternally grateful.

Yvette Solorzano

UX Designer
Chicago, IL

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Razvan Burciu
Cluj Napoca, Romaniaro
Razvan is a passionate product designer and the leader for the fastest growing tech hub in Romania. He believes in the power of a remote revolution and wants to see more happy people on Mondays.
Working remotely as part of the Toptal family taught me discipline and professionalism, communication, and responsibility. That’s what Toptal is. I’ve never felt such a strong community and successful remote culture before.
Rodrigo Donini
Porto Alegre, Brazilbr
Rodrigo is a WordPress Engineer, CMS Screener, Toptal Speaker, and Community Leader representing the fifth-largest metropolitan area in Brazil. He organizes many local events throughout each year.
We are a global community, but we act like a local one. There are no boundaries — it's as if we are all working together in the same room.
Pierre Killy
Paris, Francefr
Pierre is an entrepreneur with 15+ years experience as a web engineer and creative problem solver. He was awarded a Toptal Open Source Grant, and acts as leader for the community around Paris.
Toptal is simply the most powerful community I’ve ever seen: large enough to answer any question about any subject; extremely diverse; and always caring and positive. I love it!

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Through its program, TopVolunteer™, Toptal partners with leading nonprofits and NGOs around the world who need high-skilled talent for their volunteer initiatives. Members of the Toptal network are encouraged to offer their skills and experience to these projects, whether to solve a timely problem or to contribute on an ongoing basis.
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