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Adam Root, United States

Product Tour Consultant
Adam began his career in advertising then he founded a martech startup where he raised $17 million and exited. After exiting, he became a venture capitalist at Tricent Capital where he helped startups create their product. Most recently, he's led product and marketin... Click to continue

Vikas Khajanchi, United States

Product Tour Consultant
Vikas is experienced in managing teams and products from inception to growth and monetization, both in startups as well as large corporations. He creates business value at the intersection of business and technology. He is passionate about building great user experie... Click to continue

Luciano Castro, Italy

Product Tour Consultant
Luciano is a business-driven manager with over 15 years of experience as a CTO and CEO in multinational companies and startups. He has a strong technical background in IT and excellent management skills and is in love with Agile and Lean methodologies. Luciano's work... Click to continue

David Britton, United States

Product Tour Consultant
Dave takes a customer & hypothesis-driven approach in defining, validating, and scaling compelling products. He's led mobile/web products in fintech, SaaS, eCommerce, adtech, and marketplaces. Skilled in strategy (differentiation, growth, monetization), planning (roa... Click to continue

Adan Perez, United States

Product Tour Consultant
Adan is a passionate technologist and successful startup executive with 15+ years of experience in digital product management, engineering, and marketing—focusing on lean methodology, design prototyping, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, and APIs. He’s advocated for custo... Click to continue

Peter Spannagle, United States

Product Tour Consultant
Peter has ten years of experience in developing products for startups and global brands. He's worked at scale for companies like Facebook, Samsung, and Salesforce in addition to agency and startup environments. His primary strengths are in user experience, product st... Click to continue

Victor Liao, United States

Product Tour Consultant
Victor has 14 years of product management experience. He leverages strategic insight, tactical coordination, and leadership with cross-functional product development teams. He has launched over a dozen successful products with local, and offshore Agile teams. He has ... Click to continue

Boris Krstovic, Serbia

Product Tour Consultant
Boris is an entrepreneurial product leader driven by strong user empathy. He has a decade of product management and product development experience defining product strategies and product/market fits in a range of B2B/B2C industries—from his own startups (one exit, on... Click to continue

David Wertheimer, United States

Product Tour Consultant
David is a product owner and strategist with a deep history in building and growing successful digital products. He has extensive mobile and desktop experience in both B2B and B2C projects, most recently with subscription services and digital media. David works acros... Click to continue

Jeremy Liles, United States

Product Tour Consultant
Jeremy has spent 20 years building solutions to complex problems in finance, law, education, and other industries. He is proficient in the full product development lifecycle; he believes every stage begins with an empathetic understanding of the context and complex e... Click to continue

Greg Prickril, Germany

Product Tour Consultant
Gregory is a product strategy consultant and trainer with nearly 20 years of experience shipping digital enterprise products at IBM, Microsoft, and SAP. He's a global expert on delivering complex products and solutions at enterprise scale. Click to continue