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Milos Belcevic

The PRD Isn’t Dead: New Best Practices for Digital Product Development

By Milos Belcevic
For many years, there has been debate around the value of a PRD in digital product development. The issue is not whether one should be used, says product expert Milos Belcevic, but how.
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Jerry Gutierrez

Two Roadmaps Diverged: Strategic and Tactical Routes to Product Development

By Jerry Gutierrez
Product professionals are often called upon to act as both product owner and product manager. The key to doing that well? Maintaining separate strategic and tactical roadmaps. Here’s how.
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Purva Tamhankar

How to Navigate Fintech Regulations in Product Development

By Purva Tamhankar
Regulations can present a big challenge for fintech product managers. Build compliance into your development process from the start, with these tips from a leading financial product manager.
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Phillip Wood

How to Define an MVP Scope in 3 Hours

By Phillip Wood
Scoping an MVP doesn’t have to take days. Product manager Phillip Wood explains how he gathers product specialists, designers, and engineers to brainstorm features, pare them down, and create wireframes—all in a few hours.
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Eugene Ovcharenko

Extended Reality and Its Possibilities: A Guide for XR Product Managers

By Eugene Ovcharenko
How can product managers leverage the possibilities offered by the latest XR technologies? Industry veteran Eugene Ovcharenko presents use cases and best practices for an evolving field.
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Leor Hurwitz

How to Reduce UX Friction in Secure Product Development

By Leor Hurwitz
Prioritizing data security often comes at the expense of a good UX. To balance client needs with user preferences, product managers must use research, constant calibration, and a dose of creativity.
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Jonathan Lau

5 Considerations for a Strong E-commerce Product Strategy

By Jonathan Lau
E-commerce is a crowded sector. Build a better product strategy and increase your chances of success with these expert insights.
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Cosmin Costean

There’s No Such Thing As Digital Strategy

By Cosmin Costean
Organizations that scramble to define a digital-first strategy to solve their business problems are looking for answers in all the wrong places. Instead of emphasizing “digital,” they should focus on building a true strategy and then enable it with digital capabilities.
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