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5 Agile Scaling Frameworks Compared: Which One Should You Use?

by Kamil Imański

Toptal’s Agile scaling series is designed to guide project managers in their team expansion efforts. In this first installment, project manager Kamil Imański breaks down popular scaling frameworks to help you make the best choice.

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.NET on Linux: Simpler Than It Seems

by Zablon Dawit

Discover Microsoft .NET's cross-platform development capabilities by building a Dockerized ASP.NET and Entity Framework application on Linux.

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The 10 Most Common JavaScript Issues Developers Face

by Ryan J. Peterson

At first, JavaScript may seem quite simple. Yet the language is significantly more nuanced, powerful, and complex than one would initially be led to believe. Many of JavaScript's subtleties lead to a number of common problems that keep it from working—10 of which we discuss here—that are important to be aware of and avoid in one's quest to become a master JavaScript developer.

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Unity AI Development: An xNode-based Graphical FSM Tutorial

by Garegin Tadevosyan

Take your Unity AI game to the next level with xNode. In this tutorial, we boost our FSM-based AI with a graphical user interface, delivering an enhanced development environment.

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How to Define an MVP Scope in 3 Hours

by Phillip Wood

Scoping an MVP doesn’t have to take days. Product manager Phillip Wood explains how he gathers product specialists, designers, and engineers to brainstorm features, pare them down, and create wireframes—all in a few hours.

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Elevate Your E-commerce Journey With Animated UX Microinteractions

by Emily Adiseshiah

Toptal experts share their insights and best practices for designing motion effects that enhance e-commerce UX and increase conversions.

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Python vs. R: Syntactic Sugar Magic

by Leandro Roser

Python and R empower data scientists to solve problems using elegant syntactic sugar, simplifying coding and solution exploration. Each language brings its unique capabilities and approach to bear.

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Forensic Accounting: Due Diligence’s Secret Weapon

by Ryan Zanoni

More than just a way to investigate financial crimes, forensic accounting is the most in-depth form of due diligence and compliance. But smaller firms often overlook its value. Here’s why that’s risky.

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Learning to Learn: 5 Tips to Master Any Product Management Domain

by Milos Belcevic

Product managers work across many industries, and domain-specific knowledge is essential to finding success in each one. Learn how to quickly acquire industry expertise with these tried-and-tested recommendations.

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