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Aarish Shah, United Kingdom

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Aarish has led businesses for over a decade and is currently the CFO of an educational tech business powered by Eton College. He has also executed greenfield projects and secured over $10 million in venture, debt, and working capital funding. He now freelances to tac... Click to continue

Marty Mooney, United States

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Marty is a private equity professional who also has experience working inside small- and medium-sized businesses in a wide variety of industries. He has led M&A processes and also helped CEOs create and drive strategies. In addition to closing private equity deals, h... Click to continue

Jordan T. Mezoff, United States

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Jordan is a driven senior finance professional with extensive experience developing dynamic financial models for M&A transactions, growth strategy evaluation, P&L forecasting, pricing, etc. He has also leveraged his leadership experience to execute several M&A and co... Click to continue

Olivia Passoni, Austria

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Olivia has helped over 30 early-stage entrepreneurs globally plan realistic financials, adapt their strategy and prepare for their fundraising or exit by maximising their value over the long-term. Olivia has advised companies and investment firms of any size in valua... Click to continue

Petar Jordan Zivkovic, Serbia

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Petar currently leads the controlling and strategy division of Air Serbia with a €250 million budget. Previously at Deloitte and PwC, he also worked on 20+ M&A projects and various audit, valuations, and restructuring engagements in Eastern Europe, serving industries... Click to continue

Miki Mitsuoka, United States

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Miki is an experienced finance professional with over ten years of experience. She has worked closely with C-level executives providing complex analysis, including M&A transactions and due diligence, forecasting, budgeting, modeling, company valuations, and ROI analy... Click to continue

Brad Carlson, United States

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Brad is an on-demand deal & strategy advisor and Kellogg MBA with over 2 decades of transaction, strategy consulting and broad industry experience. Since 2014, he’s freelanced for entrepreneurial, PE-backed and global companies—executing 70+ M&A, real estate finance,... Click to continue

Mathieu Audet, Canada

Freelance Financial Forecasting Expert
Mathieu has executed over $4.5B in M&A transactions and $2.0B in debt and equity financings while working at a leading investment bank (National Bank of Canada). He's experienced with both high-growth startups and global corporations in industries such as TMT, engine... Click to continue
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