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Toptal is a network of top growth strategy consultants with experience in supporting strategic projects. Consulting firms and corporates hire growth strategy consultants from Toptal for their expertise in multiple types of projects such as growth strategy development, pricing strategy or M&A.
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Michael Ang, Singapore

freelance Growth Strategy Consultants expert
In Silicon Valley, Michael created pricing & cost models at a Mayfield/USVP-backed venture that sold for $185 million. He joined the Toptal network to work on challenging projects (pricing, performance analysis, etc.) alongside his other endeavors. He has worked with... Click to continue

Sergio de Fuccio Oliveira, United States

freelance Growth Strategy Consultants expert
Sergio works primarily for portfolio companies of private equity firms. He is a former Bain & Company consultant and enjoys freelancing since the exit of his last startup. He holds a MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University with majors in strategy, finance, analyt... Click to continue

Carolyn Deng, CFA, Singapore

freelance Growth Strategy Consultants expert
A Wharton MBA and CFA charterholder, Carolyn has managed a $700 million VC portfolio, executed 20+ VC/PE investments and exits, and advised Bain clients on growth and return strategies. She's worked with startups and corporates across China, Canada, US, and Australia... Click to continue

Ernesto Grijalva Ortega, CFA, Argentina

freelance Growth Strategy Consultants expert
Ernesto is a former core member of the Private Equity practice at The Boston Consulting Group in New York, where he specialized in due diligence, strategy, pricing, and transformation projects. Prior to BCG, he was an investment advisor, helping to raise and manage $... Click to continue

Pablo A. Macias, Spain

freelance Growth Strategy Consultants expert
A Harvard graduate, Pablo has developed financial models that resulted in the launch of four new digital and software business lines at Flex. He's also created M&A models for acquisitions in multiple industries: spanning financial services, industrials, and tech. Ori... Click to continue

Anuar Heberlein, Canada

freelance Growth Strategy Consultants expert
Anuar has participated in transactions across the Americas totaling more than $1 billion dollars over the past 12 years. He has extensive experience working with C-level executives and helping many Fortune 500 clients with corporate and growth strategy projects, M&As... Click to continue

Francesco Castellano, Italy

freelance Growth Strategy Consultants expert
Francesco has more than a decade of experience in finance, consulting, and business management. During this time, he has worked on 20+ projects as a consultant at Bain & Company and launched Uber operations in Turin, Italy. He also created the strategic plan for a la... Click to continue