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    Our experts have a proven finance track record with elite industry experience ensuring they can ramp up quickly.

Toptal in the press

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Check out some of our top freelance finance experts.

Kelly Sickles
United States
After an eighteen year financial career working with and advising some of NYC's most well-respected startups (Boxed, S'well) and on Wall Street (Lazard), Kelly moved to Boulder, CO and relaunched her consulting practice. She enjoys freelancing because it provides her the opportunity to meet so many fascinating entrepreneurs, investors, and lenders and allows her to leverage her experiences to help them maximize value from the mountains.
Toby Clarence-Smith
Toby is the founder of Petsy, one of Mexico's leading eCommerce companies, backed by the region's top VC funds. As he transitions out of day-to-day operations from his company, Toby likes to freelance on projects where he can add significant value, such as financing related projects, market research, and valuation analysis. Toby has worked extensively with senior executives at VC- and PE-backed high growth companies in Europe and Latin America.
James Yang
United States
James is a seasoned finance professional with broad experience in strategic analysis, FP&A, investment banking, and investment management. He built a robust, complex financial model for a $100M+ global capital project and conducted a rigorous, in-depth pricing analysis for a $1B+ business unit at Capital Group. He joined the Toptal network to work on challenging projects with talented people.
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