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Darek Plonka, United States

Freelance data analysis Consultant
Darek managed the raise of $1.8 billion through public debt securities and was in charge of investor relations for the fastest growing mobile network operator in Europe. Freelancing gives him the opportunity to help young companies in a variety of industries. Darek h... Click to continue

Kelly Sickles, United States

Freelance data analysis Consultant
After an 18-year financial career working with and advising some of NYC's most well-respected startups (Boxed, S'well) and on Wall Street (Lazard), Kelly moved to Boulder, CO and relaunched her consulting practice. She enjoys freelancing because it provides her the o... Click to continue

Kyle Perez, United States

Freelance data analysis Consultant
At IHS Markit, an S&P 500 constituent, Kyle's group won three consecutive Waters Technologies awards for “Best Pricing/Valuation Provider” and grew the EBITDA at a 15% CAGR. He has worked in private equity, venture capital, and as a finance researcher—all roles in wh... Click to continue

Elizabeth Davis, United States

Freelance data analysis Consultant
Elizabeth is a dynamic professional with data intelligence, financial strategy, strategic consulting, and investment banking experience. She holds a Top Secret security clearance. Key skills include data analysis/analytics, strategic analysis, financial modeling, bud... Click to continue

Alex Graham, United Kingdom

Freelance data analysis Consultant
Alex is a London-based CFA who has had a career across the world. He enjoys freelancing to keep abreast of industry trends and to reinforce his experience from venture capital, consulting and bond/currency trading. With a technical skill set and an engaging communica... Click to continue

Calvin Clark, United States

Freelance data analysis Consultant
Calvin has helped raise a total of over $300 million in capital for dozens of VC-backed startups, PE-backed middle market companies, public companies and investment funds. He has run several buy and sell-side M&A processes. As a freelancer, he enjoys exploring strate... Click to continue

Andrew Grimalda, United States

Freelance data analysis Consultant
Andrew is a highly experienced CFO with focus in the insurance, healthcare, eCommerce, and technology sectors. He collaboratively guides companies to maximize their value and growth potential. From angel funding to managing an IPO process, from renegotiating debt str... Click to continue
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