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Alexandros Siormpas, Netherlands

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Alexandros is a highly motivated and committed business professional with exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. His international MBA and analytical roles in tier 1 firms (Samsung, Philips, eBay) have equipped him with superior business and commercial ac... Click to continue

Andy Vietor, United States

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Andy was recognized twice as an All-Star Analyst by the Wall Street Journal. He has been a strategist, operating executive, financier, and top-ranked industry analyst. As a freelancer, Andy advises a range of companies—from early-stage and middle market to large caps... Click to continue

Didzis Silis, Netherlands

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Didzis has worked at Nokia and controlled the financials of fast-paced projects in Latin America, the Middle East, and Europe (including a $125 million mobile network roll-out in Ukraine). He enjoys freelancing as it allows him to help clients solve non-routine finan... Click to continue

Erik Frederick, United States

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Erik has served as the CFO of a $1.8 billion business unit at Staples and of venture-backed startups and private equity portfolio companies with $20 million to $700 million in revenue. He's also worked with management teams in profitability improvements, corporate st... Click to continue

Oleg Tsymbalov, Russia

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Oleg built a financial model for his client to analyze a deal that led to a successful $700+ million acquisition in the railroad sector. He has extensive experience working with founders of mid-sized Russian-based businesses to increase their profitability and financ... Click to continue

Christopher Bluem, United States

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Chris has driven over $30M of incremental operating profit and recommended another $85M while creating strategic business cases for the C-suite. As a freelancer, he enjoys solving problems, analyzing data, building models, and driving value for companies' top priorit... Click to continue

Thorsten Jabas, United Kingdom

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Thorsten is a corporate finance advisor and interim CFO with an international career in investment banking (Lehman Brothers, Banco Santander) and the experience of launching and advising start-ups. He supports SMEs in the TMT, health care, consumer, and business serv... Click to continue

Michael Olafusi, Nigeria

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Michael is an independent financial consultant with particular expertise in VBA, dashboards and modeling. He has worked with three of the largest telecommunications companies in Africa and built a dynamic portfolio model for a Canadian investment firm. He is a certif... Click to continue

Caroline Moore, United Kingdom

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Caroline is a qualified chartered accountant and financial services professional with 15 years of experience. She's worked with everyone from small owner-operated companies to listed entities and billion-dollar hedge funds and been responsible for the models underpin... Click to continue

Hassan Eltorie, United States

Freelance Profitability Analysis Expert
Hassan is an equity research analyst—providing strategy assessment and valuation to large-cap energy companies, hedge funds, and private equity firms. He started freelancing to apply his knowledge in valuation, M&A, competitive intelligence and corporate strategy to ... Click to continue