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Abdullah Karayumak, CFA

The Power of 3-statement Modeling: Best Practices for Valuations and Projections

By Abdullah Karayumak, CFA
To value or build projections for a company accurately, you have to factor in working capital—and you can’t do that without investing in a three-statement financial model.
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Neil Mann

Digital Ledgers vs. Databases: Can Blockchain Optimize Your Supply Chain?

By Neil Mann
Blockchain isn’t just for cryptocurrency. The technology can also be used to make supply chain management more efficient, transparent, and secure. Here’s how.
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Robert Finch

Real Estate Financial Modeling: 3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid

By Robert Finch
Rising construction costs mean real estate developers are relying on complex—and potentially costly—finance structures more often. Smarter modeling will help keep borrowing costs low.
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Sean Heberling

The KPI Cure: How Healthcare Data Analytics Can Improve Medical Center Finances

By Sean Heberling
Runaway costs have plagued the US healthcare system for decades, and providers are always looking for ways to increase efficiency without jeopardizing care. Developing smarter key performance indicators can help.
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Ryan Zanoni

Forensic Accounting: Due Diligence’s Secret Weapon

By Ryan Zanoni
More than just a way to investigate financial crimes, forensic accounting is the most in-depth form of due diligence and compliance. But smaller firms often overlook its value. Here’s why that’s risky.
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Michael J. McDonald

Refining Your Middle-market Merger Strategy: From Acquisition to Integration

By Michael J. McDonald
The M&A failure rate runs as high as 90%, and middle-market companies tend to fare worse than larger ones due to more limited resources. Here’s how to ensure that your next acquisition succeeds.
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John Lee

An Effective ROI Framework for Developing a Work-from-anywhere Policy

By John Lee
As workers increasingly prioritize flexible working arrangements, Toptal finance expert John Lee suggests a strategy to help employers balance the potential risks and rewards of offering a WFA option.
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Miklos Lukacs, CFA

Bots for Finance: How to Increase Back-office Efficiency Through Automation

By Miklos Lukacs, CFA
Automating basic financial functions can save your company time and money and free your employees from tedious rote tasks. Toptal finance expert Miklos Lukacs explains how building a simple Python bot can streamline your business.
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