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Scott Bernstein, United States

freelance FX Consultant
Scott is a seasoned CFO who has led over $250 million of transactions in the energy industry with a specific focus on structured credit and asset-backed finance. In 2011, Scott led and developed the first Alaskan Oil & Gas Tax Credit receivable finance facility which... Click to continue

Aashu Yadav, India

freelance FX Consultant
Aashu has 15+ years of corporate finance experience advising India's largest and most respected corporations. He has led investor relations and $1 billion of fundraising initiatives, evaluated M&A transactions, built financial models and valuations, and driven curren... Click to continue

Alex Graham, CFA, United Kingdom

freelance FX Consultant
Alex is a London-based CFA charterholder who has had a global career. He enjoys freelancing to keep abreast of industry trends and to reinforce his experience from venture capital, consulting and bond/currency trading. With a technical skill set and an engaging commu... Click to continue

Juba Tsuladze, United Kingdom

freelance FX Consultant
Juba is the founder of angioClast: a Cambridge-based biotech startup focused on cancer research. Prior to entrepreneurship, Juba was a seasoned CFO with multi-industry experience and has worked on projects ranging from an equity sale in a $150 million telecom company... Click to continue

Kyle Wade, United States

freelance FX Consultant
Kyle's been involved in more than 65 M&A and capital-raising projects with more than $7B of combined value, and he's led both the FP&A group of a $1B tech company and a $700M investment fund. As a consultant, he enjoys taking clients to the next level with strategic ... Click to continue

Olga Bukharina, United States

freelance FX Consultant
Olga managed global finance functions in multinational companies with complex financing structures and private equity capital. She played a crucial role in preparing a company for an IPO, leading modeling, cash and tax reorganization. She implemented best practices i... Click to continue

Aaleem Jiwa, Canada

freelance FX Consultant
As a Deloitte consulting manager, Aaleem led the creation of a business plan and financial model for a city-owned real estate firm that enabled them to develop 50 properties in ten years. He has helped owners of small companies and executive teams at multi-billion do... Click to continue