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Edward May, United States

Freelance budgeting Consultant
Edward is a PE and investment banking principal with seventeen years of experience in investing and corporate finance as well as developing, financing, and operating energy and tech companies from early stage to maturity. Transaction experience includes serving as CF... Click to continue

Christopher Bluem, United States

Freelance budgeting Consultant
Chris has driven over $30M of incremental operating profit and recommended another $85M while creating strategic business cases for the C-suite. As a freelancer, he enjoys solving problems, analyzing data, building models, and driving value for companies' top priorit... Click to continue

Scott Brown, United States

Freelance budgeting Consultant
Scott has extensive experience working with high growth businesses in many capacities. He finds that a solid foundation in accounting and operations helps him better guide the financial planning and decision making process. He has consulted with a number of different... Click to continue

Kapil Kalokhe, United States

Freelance budgeting Consultant
Kapil has more than 13 years of finance experience in investment banking and corporate finance roles. He has managed P&Ls of $250 million+ revenue companies and is proficient in using data analytics to make strategic decisions. Kapil joined the Toptal network to wo... Click to continue

Gaston Depusoir, United States

Freelance budgeting Consultant
Gaston is Travel Noire’s director of finance operations. He's responsible for budgeting, financial projections, and analytics. Prior to his current role, he's had experience in FP&A, M&A consulting, and investment banking. As a freelance consultant, Gaston enjoys wor... Click to continue

Juba Tsuladze, United Kingdom

Freelance budgeting Consultant
Juba is the founder of angioClast—a Cambridge-based biotech startup focused on cancer research. Prior to entrepreneurship, Juba was a seasoned CFO with multi-industry experience and has worked on projects ranging from an equity sale in a $150 million telecom company ... Click to continue

Grant Blevins, United States

Freelance budgeting Consultant
Grant is an associate at a digital health and tech VC fund where he co-leads deal sourcing efforts. He has analyzed thousands of businesses and helped raise collectively over $20M in early stage capital in the past year alone. As a freelancer, he leverages his networ... Click to continue
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