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Miki Mitsuoka, United States

Interim financial controller
Miki is an experienced finance professional with over ten years of experience. She has worked closely with C-level executives providing complex analysis, including M&A transactions and due diligence, forecasting, budgeting, modeling, company valuations, and ROI analysis. She has earned the CFA designation and passed all four CPA exams. Miki enjoys the flexibility of freelancing while helping clients with their financial analysis needs.Click to continue

Cory Azzalino, United States

Interim financial controller
Cory is a CPA with over 9 years of experience in accounting and private equity, where he invested over $1B across 20+ transactions. He left private equity to start a venture-backed marketing IOT company while continuing to freelance for family offices, private equity funds, and public companies. He has a diverse experience in business development, capital raising, technology development, and transaction execution.Click to continue

Alexis Hadjipanayis, Cyprus

Interim financial controller
Alexis is a corporate finance professional with over of 15 years of experience, specializing in debt financing and professional services. Alexis has been involved with financing a broad range of businesses from startups to multinationals up to $1B USD. As a freelancer, he enjoys the opportunity to contribute to a global base of clients and enhance their success by sharing his finance expertise.Click to continue

Caroline Moore, Cayman Islands

Interim financial controller
Caroline has been working as a financial services professional for 13 years—on a range of scenarios from startup forecasting to cash management and distressed situations. During her career, she has worked with everyone from small owner-operated companies to listed entities and billion dollar hedge funds. She enjoys freelancing as it provides opportunities to use her experience to assist a diverse range of clients on challenging projects.Click to continue

Robert Miller, United States

Interim financial controller
Bob has founded 2 successful VC-backed startups, including one that was named to the INC 500. He has extensive experience in eCommerce, SaaS, financial modeling, and planning for explosive growth. Bob also works with a number of CEOs as a strategy adviser. As a freelancer, he enjoys working with creative people to help scale their operations, analyze and capitalize on opportunities, and assist in fundraising.Click to continue

Jason Seldon, United States

Interim financial controller
Jason is an operational leader with 20+ years of experience working at both large enterprises (PwC, Disney) and startups (Business.com, Coin-In). His experience includes raising ~$50 million in funding for various startups with multiple successful exits. He has a top-tier education as a Wharton undergraduate, a UCLA MBA, and as a CPA. He enjoys freelancing as it helps him to continue to develop his various skills as he works with new clients.Click to continue

Chris Badali, Vietnam

Interim financial controller
Over the past decade Chris has collaborated with investment banks including RBC, ScotiaBank, and Goldman Sachs and entrepreneurs alike. His creativity and passion have been enlivened since going freelance in order to realize his dream of living abroad. Chris routinely works closely with a range of clients that includes founders of pre-revenue companies and C-level executives at public issuers.Click to continue

Scott Brown, United States

Interim financial controller
Scott has extensive experience working with high growth businesses in many capacities. He finds that a solid foundation in accounting and operations helps him better guide the financial planning and decision making process. He has consulted with a number of different service and manufacturing businesses helping with capacity planning, incentive plans, business plan development, and developing driver-based rolling forecast processes.Click to continue

Boris Zamyatin, United States

Interim financial controller
Boris is the CFO of Cadasta Foundation—a software nonprofit startup in the land and property rights arena. Boris has positioned several companies for sale and has completed more than 10 M&A acquisitions, joint ventures, and merger transactions. In his free time, he enjoys challenging freelance projects that include due diligence, valuation, financial modeling, and analysis. Click to continue
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