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Jack Barker, United States

Freelance business model Consultant
Jack is a former McKinsey Partner and Carlyle Group Principal with 30 years of international experience. He has been President, CFO, or COO of 2 Carlyle companies and 4 others. He is a finance, strategy, and operations expert with deep experience in telecom, financia... Click to continue

Sebastian Fainbraun, CFA, United States

Freelance business model Consultant
Sebastian has over two decades of experience in all aspects of strategy and finance: from analyzing and investing in companies to helping run and grow them. He's an investor/entrepreneur with a very deep analytical toolbox. Sebastian loves freelancing because it give... Click to continue

Eric Turri, United States

Freelance business model Consultant
Eric is a finance and operations professional with a background in investment banking. Post investment banking, he co-founded and acted as the CFO of a natural foods business before moving to an operational role at a software startup. On the side, he has consulted an... Click to continue

Florent Bonin, United States

Freelance business model Consultant
Florent has seven years of experience advising startup management teams, directors, and investors on M&A discussions. He has worked on acquisitions by strategic and financial buyers as well as on equity and debt capital raises in the US, EU, and Asia. Florent's exper... Click to continue

Samir Chaibi, Singapore

Freelance business model Consultant
Samir has extensive investment banking, private equity, and venture capital experience working for top-tier IB and SWF players. He co-founded and has been part of the management team of several startups. As a freelancer, Samir enjoys working with both large corporate... Click to continue

Chris Hearing, United States

Freelance business model Consultant
Chris has launched startups creating $50 million in value and restructured organizations to realize $20 million in annual savings. He has held senior finance roles at public and private companies in the marketing, consumer products, and live entertainment spaces. Wit... Click to continue

Gavin Glick, Israel

Freelance business model Consultant
Gavin has spent 15 years building and growing companies from scratch to profitability. At Peregrine, he successfully established new hedge funds and raised R1 billion in new assets. As a freelance financial expert, Gavin specializes in advising B2C and B2B mobile com... Click to continue

Evan Fisher, United States

Freelance business model Consultant
Evan is a former investment bank VP offering a simple value prop: better-than-Wall-Street quality documents and advice at a fraction of the price. He’s sat in every seat at the boardroom table as a director, shareholder, executive, and advisor and has raised $75 mill... Click to continue

Alex Graham, CFA, United Kingdom

Freelance business model Consultant
Alex is a London-based CFA charterholder who has had a global career. He enjoys freelancing to keep abreast of industry trends and to reinforce his experience from venture capital, consulting and bond/currency trading. With a technical skill set and an engaging commu... Click to continue

Pablo A. Macias, Spain

Freelance business model Consultant
A Harvard graduate, Pablo has developed financial models that resulted in the launch of four new digital and software business lines at Flex. He's also created M&A models for acquisitions in multiple industries: spanning financial services, industrials, and tech. Ori... Click to continue

Ernesto Grijalva Ortega, CFA, Argentina

Freelance business model Consultant
Ernesto is a former core member of the Private Equity practice at The Boston Consulting Group in New York, where he specialized in due diligence, strategy, pricing, and transformation projects. Prior to BCG, he was an investment advisor, helping to raise and manage $... Click to continue