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How to Hire Angular Developers: Key Skills and Knowledge to Look For

by Bo Vandersteene

Many developers looking for their next gig claim to have experience with Google’s popular front-end framework. Here, international Angular coach Bo Vandersteene tells hiring managers how to separate the best from the rest.

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Identifying the Unknown With Clustering Metrics

by Surbhi Gupta

Clustering in machine learning has a variety of applications, but how do you know which algorithm is best suited to your data? Here's how to amplify your data insights with comparison metrics, including the F-measure.

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Future-proof Your Android Code, Part 2: Functional Reactive Programming in Action

by Iliyan Germanov

The functional reactive programming (FRP) paradigm is becoming increasingly mainstream. In this installment, we discuss FRP essentials like system design and libraries, and implement a sample application.

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Future-proof Your Android Code, Part 1: Functional and Reactive Programming Foundations

by Iliyan Germanov

This tutorial explores the mathematical concepts behind two key programming paradigms, functional programming and reactive programming, so you can build long-lasting Android architecture.

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.NET on Linux: Simpler Than It Seems

by Zablon Dawit

Discover Microsoft .NET's cross-platform development capabilities by building a Dockerized ASP.NET and Entity Framework application on Linux.

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The 10 Most Common JavaScript Issues Developers Face

by Ryan J. Peterson

At first, JavaScript may seem quite simple. Yet the language is significantly more nuanced, powerful, and complex than one would initially be led to believe. Many of JavaScript's subtleties lead to a number of common problems that keep it from working—10 of which we discuss here—that are important to be aware of and avoid in one's quest to become a master JavaScript developer.

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Unity AI Development: An xNode-based Graphical FSM Tutorial

by Garegin Tadevosyan

Take your Unity AI game to the next level with xNode. In this tutorial, we boost our FSM-based AI with a graphical user interface, delivering an enhanced development environment.

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Social Network Analysis Using Power BI and R: A Custom Visuals Guide

by Bharat Garg

Microsoft's Power BI is one of the most popular software solutions used to perform social network analysis. Here's how to create custom Power BI visuals in R for compelling and flexible results.

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