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Kentaro Rose, United States

Member since June 16, 2013
Kentaro is a developer who specializes in web development. He has helped develop and maintain sites for various companies including Kaiser Permanente, HPMG, IFAW, and more. He develops with quality and user in mind--that is, code quality and performance for the back-... Click to continue

Matthew Newport, Canada

Member since January 7, 2016
Matt is an expert C++ programmer with over 15 years experience in the games industry, both at large companies like EA and THQ and at smaller independent studios. He has extensive real-time 3D graphics experience as well as expertise in optimization, debugging, and cr... Click to continue

Thales Alex Tenório de Albuquerque, France

Member since November 1, 2015
Thales Alex Tenório de Albuquerque is currently pursuing a master's degree in game development in France. He enjoys spending his free time working on projects to keep exercising and growing his skills. So far, Thales Alex has accumulated two years of experience worki... Click to continue

Adrian Gasinski, Poland

Member since May 10, 2016
Adrian is a C++ engineer specializing in 3D math, geometric modeling, real-time physics simulation, and collision detection. He earned an M.Sc.Eng. in computer science, specializing in the design of CAD/CAM systems. For over eight years, he's prototyped and developed... Click to continue

Milos Jakovljevic, Serbia

Member since March 19, 2015
Milos has worked on various projects in his career. Starting from Android and iOS applications to cross-platform C++ development on games and applications. He has a lot of experience in different spheres of software development. from initial conceptualization to arch... Click to continue