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Jozsef Szollosi, United Kingdom

Member since December 21, 2015
Jozsef is a software engineer and architect experienced in building highly scalable RESTful microservice web architecture. He has built projects that support millions of customers using domain driven design techniques as part of agile teams at some of Britain's leading corporations such as Sky.Click to continue

Michael Herold, United States

Member since February 2, 2016
Mike is a talented software engineer with an expertise in web applications. He is fluent in Javascript, Ruby, and Python, and takes pride in writing clean, maintainable code. Mike is based in San Francisco with 4 years of experience in the start-up scene. Mike has focused on both client and server architecture. His strengths include relational and non-relational databases and REST APIs.Click to continue

Robb Priestley, Canada

Member since February 13, 2017
Robb is a resourceful software professional with over 15 years of experience building and delivering production-ready, enterprise-grade software of all kinds. He's educated in computer science and business and is a certified PMP. He has worked with a diverse set of teams and has top quality communication skills.His passion for development and his focus on business results makes him an ideal candidate for your consideration.Click to continue

Oleksandr Malovichko, Ukraine

Member since March 7, 2017
Oleksandr is senior iOS engineer with more than 6 years of experience in software development for mobile and tablet devices. He is dedicated to continuously discovering, evaluating, and implementing new technologies to maximize development efficiency.Click to continue

Alberto Denia, Spain

Member since January 31, 2017
Over the years, Alberto has developed, released, and maintained a number of mobile apps and games—including market-leader King games with millions of daily users. He has learned that solving the right problems is as important as solving them right. He's a generalist-specialist that can handle different technologies—lead a team or carry a project through its entire lifecycle—while maintaining great communication.Click to continue

Jason RT Bond, Canada

Member since March 11, 2016
Jason has nearly a decade of experience in the video game, virtual reality, and augmented reality industry. He is an expert in the Unity Engine and can work with a wide variety of platforms (web, mobile, PC/Mac, game consoles). He prefers a multi-disciplinary approach—having a background in both game design and coding—as well as experience in audio visual content creation pipelines.Click to continue

Alexey Romanov, Ukraine

Member since April 17, 2017
Alexey has over a dozen years of commercial software development experience, mostly on large enterprise level web applications—building custom API architecture, external services integration, improving performance, and more. He's experienced with various app domains: eCommerce, eLearning, SDK, CRM systems, VoIP, analytical marketing web tools, and dashboards. He's active in Drupal community—making many contributions to Drupal 8 core and modules.Click to continue

João Silva, Portugal

Member since May 24, 2017
João is a full-stack web developer. He's best at dealing with JavaScript on the front-end and back-end—specifically using React, AngularJS, and Node.js. He's also very comfortable with CommonJS, ES5, ES6, and ES7. He's glad to join another developer community and is looking to work on a variety of freelance projects.Click to continue
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