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Amir Barylko, Canada

Member since August 1, 2015
Amir is a seasoned and highly skilled software developer with two decades of proven experience and a strong focus on quality, Agile coaching, and mentorship. He is able to work on teams and with companies of all sizes. Click to continue

Eric W. Greene, United States

Member since November 16, 2013
Eric loves to write code in a high-paced and challenging environment with an emphasis on using best practices to develop high quality software that meets project requirements, budget, and schedule. He enjoys learning new technologies and sharing findings with his col... Click to continue

Andrey Krivko, Russia

Member since May 26, 2015
Andrey has over seven years of experience in web development. He specializes in developing projects based on Ruby/Elixir on the back-end and React/Vue.js/AngularJS on the front-end. He loves challenges and is excited to help clients bring their ideas to life. Click to continue

Dmitry Yakimov, Russia

Member since February 24, 2016
Dmitry is a remote web consultant who can help you to bootstrap your business online, guide the development of new features, and help you to attract more clients. He works with the nuts and bolts of web development (React, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Node.js, Ruby on Rail... Click to continue

Josh Smith, United States

Member since October 5, 2012
Josh is a freelance full stack developer, from graphic design on down to systems administration. He has founded two companies and led product development and engineering work at two others. He loves data-driven design, continuous deployment, and customer development.... Click to continue

Johan Hernandez, Colombia

Member since January 3, 2012
Johan is a mobile app and cloud back-end developer with over 15 years of experience. He's been telecommuting for startups in the USA since 2010. He has worked with enterprise stacks for a number of years, but more recently his primary focus has been on building nativ... Click to continue

Jake Varghese, United States

Member since September 20, 2013
As an architect, Jake understands the process of solving complex problems that plague enterprise and medium size businesses. He is a full-stack problem solver who can build entire apps from scratch or optimize an existing app already in the field. Click to continue

Tomislav Krnic, Croatia

Member since September 21, 2012
Tomislav is a freelance web developer and designer with over 10 years of experience working independently and as a project leader. He has built CMS's from start to finish, including developing a project plan, creating the UI/UX, and programming the front and back-end... Click to continue

Heidar Saleh, Germany

Member since September 28, 2015
Heidar is a talented software engineer. He has extensive experience with the software life cycle from idea generation all the way to delivering the final product. Heidar understands the importance of performance and enjoys handcrafting unique solutions to challenging... Click to continue

Andreas Geffen Lundahl, Sweden

Member since July 10, 2015
Andreas is a software architect and developer with a passion for startups and entrepreneurship. He has traditionally worked a lot in eCommerce and finance, but he's always eager to enter new domains. In his consulting and contracting engagements, he strives for maint... Click to continue