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Emir Meholjić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member since August 26, 2015
Emir is an enthusiastic software engineer who is dedicated to delivering high quality solutions for a variety of problems, alone or in a team. His main area of expertise is the .NET platform, JavaScript, jQuery, and MS SQL, along with many others. He is always eager ... Click to continue

Michael Kokorin, Russia

Member since February 2, 2014
Michael is a top architect and developer of scalable and fault tolerant process automation systems. He has implemented numerous distributed and scalable systems. He excels at architecting multi-platform, high-performance systems. Click to continue

Stanislav Yaranov, Russia

Member since June 20, 2017
Stanislav is a software developer experienced in C++, web development (PHP, JavaScript, Node.js), and database development with PostgreSQL. He prefers to keep his code clean, his solutions maintainable, and use TDD for development. He likes solving challenging tasks ... Click to continue

Pere Casafont, Spain

Member since April 9, 2015
Pere is a software architect with over a decade of experience working on Java services ranging from custom binary protocols to REST APIs on Spring. He also has a considerable experience with front-end, ranging from raw C++ OpenGL to Ionic apps. His most remarkable st... Click to continue

Ivaylo Dimov, Bulgaria

Member since July 22, 2017
For the past 14 years, Ivaylo’s worked as a software engineer and for the past six as a tech lead, architect, and consultant specializing in .NET and the front-end. He’s built highly scalable and customizable SaaS platforms for airlines, non-government organizations,... Click to continue