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Emir Meholjić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member since August 26, 2015
Emir is an enthusiastic software engineer who is dedicated to delivering high quality solutions for a variety of problems, alone or in a team. His main area of expertise is the .NET platform, JavaScript, jQuery, and MS SQL, along with many others. He is always eager ... Click to continue

Marcin Bodnar, Poland

Member since January 11, 2016
Marcin is a senior software engineer focused on web development with over 15 years of proven professional experience (in both startups and enterprise environments) and more than 300 successful web projects. When it comes to development, he believes that motivation, c... Click to continue

Rafał Łańcucki, Poland

Member since October 27, 2017
Rafał has over 18 years of experience in software development, maintenance, and troubleshooting. In his career, he has developed every possible kind of software (with the exception of low-level hardware drivers). Rafał enjoys implementing front ends, back ends, and d... Click to continue

Ugur Yorulmaz, Montenegro

Member since August 14, 2018
Ugur has 27 years of IT expertise in a variety of roles. He is experienced with SQL Server and has worked as a SQL developer and DBA since 1997. He is also skilled in C# programming, administering Windows servers, and AWS. Obsessed with optimization, Ugur has a knack... Click to continue

Vladimir Jednak, Serbia

Member since December 28, 2018
Vladimir has over a decade of experience in business intelligence, databases, data warehouses, reporting solutions, development, architecture, and consultancy; including having worked on the complete lifecycle of BI/DWH solutions. Vladimir has a passion for database ... Click to continue

Paul B. Felix, United States

Member since January 21, 2016
Paul has over 17 years of experience building business intelligence and data warehouse solutions. He is a SQL Server platform expert and has implemented many business intelligence and data integrations solutions across a variety of industries. Paul is the founder an... Click to continue

Abayomi Obawomiye, United States

Member since May 25, 2017
Abayomi is a senior SQL Server/BI developer with over a decade of experience in designing, developing, deployment and maintenance of enterprise business intelligence solutions across multiple industries. He has built small to enterprise-sized data warehouses and busi... Click to continue

Bruno Jagic, Germany

Member since February 12, 2015
Bruno is a data engineer with over five years of experience in data engineering and analysis, modeling, and quality as well as complex SQL queries. He has spoken at conferences and trained internal employees in SQL, Exasol, and Alteryx as part of his work with Adidas... Click to continue