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Jose M. (Chema) Peña, United Kingdom

Member since October 15, 2017
Jose is a data scientist and artificial intelligence consultant with more than 15 years of experience in industries such as finance, aeronautics, logistics, and healthcare. He has published more than 150 scientific papers and has been a panel evaluator of the Nationa... Click to continue

Igor Prokofjev, Ukraine

Member since February 15, 2013
With extensive prior experience using the Microsoft technology stack, Igor writes clean, scalable code based on the latest technologies. He prides himself on always getting the job done, even under tight deadlines. Click to continue

Hamid Farvardin, United Kingdom

Member since November 26, 2018
Hamid is a software engineer with more than eight years of experience in C# and the .NET framework. Currently, he's mainly working on projects involving ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, and Angular. Not only is Hamid an expert in his field, but he’s also the kind of develo... Click to continue

Ibrahim Šuta, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Member since March 29, 2016
Ibrahim is an extremely passionate, goal-oriented, and highly motivated software engineer. Back in 2005, he started with web development, but for the past few years, he has been building up startups and leading and helping teams to establish and maintain healthy and ... Click to continue

Dmitry Pavlov, Russia

Member since June 14, 2012
Dmitry is a senior .NET and C# developer with over fifteen years of experience in creating web applications. He has received the Microsoft MVP (Visual C#) Award seven times since 2008 and is a capable team leader. Dmitry has also received master of science degrees in... Click to continue

David Nadaraia, Georgia

Member since April 7, 2015
David is a highly motivated systems architect and software engineer with more than twenty years of experience, focused on object-oriented analysis and domain-driven architecture. He has a passion for algorithms and data structures design, data science, machine learni... Click to continue