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Lev Yas

8 Automated Testing Best Practices for a Positive Testing Experience

By Lev Yas
Testing doesn’t have to be tedious. With these automated testing best practices and tips, software engineers can leverage automated tests to boost their productivity and make their work more enjoyable.
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Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

The Importance of Written Communication for Engineering Teams

By Stephanie Emma Pfeffer
While good engineering managers can code, great ones can also communicate. Written communication is integral to the management and scaling of engineering teams, says Juan Pablo Buritica, who has led several successful teams of engineers.
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Daniel Ivanov

Enhanced Git Flow Explained

By Daniel Ivanov
Git provides basic branching operations, but advanced patterns are left up to the user. The popular "Git flow" branching model helps, but can also complicate some common procedures. Thankfully, a new variation retains the benefits, while streamlining everyday work.
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Peter Varhol

Using the Radical Candor Framework for Effective Engineering Management

By Peter Varhol
One tool that managers can consider adding to their management skill set is a practice called Radical Candor. Radical Candor is the ability to care emotionally about the engineer as an individual and valued contributor, while also expressing honesty concerning their efforts and results achieved by those efforts.
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Jade Russel Hancox

Quality Assurance Testing Perfected: A User Flow Tutorial

By Jade Russel Hancox
As products and services deploy faster and faster, quality assurance (QA) has to adapt and deliver more coverage in less time while maintaining high quality. In this article, Toptal Software Engineer Jade Russel Hancox examines how we can use the user flow to boost the speed and efficiency of QA processes without compromising on quality.
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Joel Frank

Write Once, Deploy Everywhere: When to Go Native?

By Joel Frank
Writing multiple native applications for different mobile platforms can be a daunting task, but taking a non-native approach comes with pitfalls of its own. In this article, Toptal Mobile Developer Joel Frank outlines the concept of Write Once, Deploy Everywhere (WODE) and explains how to choose the right development path for your project.
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Kevin Bloch

Haxe Review: Haxe 4 Features and Strengths

By Kevin Bloch
The quietly growing number of serious Haxe projects have something new to contend with: the first major compiler release in over three years. What does Haxe 4 bring to the table?
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Michael McKenna

Machines and Trust: How to Mitigate AI Bias

By Michael McKenna
Unwanted AI bias is already a widespread problem. Machine learning models can replicate or exacerbate existing biases, often in ways that are not detected until release. So what can be done about it?
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