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Anna Shcherbakova

Perfect Pizza: Using a Digital Customer Research Tool to Measure Taste

By Anna Shcherbakova
Customer research in the food sector is expensive and time-consuming. Here’s how one global pizza company used its own food-ordering app to get new levels of insight into its products—for free.
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Teimur Gasanov

Demystifying Debugging With React Developer Tools

By Teimur Gasanov
Browser console logging is a hassle. Discover how React Developer Tools and third-party libraries make inspecting components, states, and props and tracking rendering and performance so much easier.
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Gabriel Gircenko

Kotlin vs. Java: All-purpose Uses and Android Apps

By Gabriel Gircenko
Kotlin and Java are two powerful general-purpose languages popular for Android and beyond. We’ll discuss their top features and differences, then focus on how to smoothly transition between the two.
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Alec Tseung
By Alec Tseung
Asia is one of the hottest venture markets in the world right now. Find out what savvy investors must understand about this culturally and economically diverse region in order to succeed.
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Dayo Tinkerman

4 Keys to Remarkable Brand Storytelling

By Dayo Tinkerman
Storytelling is a compelling way to communicate brand value—but only if you’re telling stories that resonate with your audience. Find out how to craft authentic brand stories that captivate customers and build lasting loyalty.
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Arjaan Buijk

How to Deploy Django on Heroku: A Pydantic Tutorial, Part 3

By Arjaan Buijk
Heroku makes deployment—and redeployment—incredibly simple. Explore Heroku’s Django hosting in this tutorial, and see for yourself.
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Dacian Florea

Investing in Unit Testing: Benefits and Approaches

By Dacian Florea
Stakeholders demand quick fixes for a buggy app release. Such patching is costly, and does not always offer a complete solution. Break the cycle with unit testing, a worthwhile investment in project quality.
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Jerry Gutierrez

Two Roadmaps Diverged: Strategic and Tactical Routes to Product Development

By Jerry Gutierrez
Product professionals are often called upon to act as both product owner and product manager. The key to doing that well? Maintaining separate strategic and tactical roadmaps. Here’s how.
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Mariia Borysova

Democratizing User Research to Innovate and Refine Digital Products

By Mariia Borysova
Empowering non-researchers to collect client feedback can pave the way to better products and customer retention.
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