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Reduce Boilerplate Code With Scala Macros and Quasiquotes

by Alain-Michel Chomnoue Nghemning

The concise syntax of Scala usually helps developers avoid writing boilerplate. When repetitive code is required anyway, developers can use macros and quasiquotes to keep code clean and maintainable. Here's how.

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How to Define a Brand Voice for Maximum Impact

by Nicola Fleming

A company’s brand voice is its unique demeanor and style of delivery, and it shapes every customer interaction. How can companies define brand voice guidelines that inspire ongoing trust?

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Prioritizing Health Pros' Pain Points in Connected Medical Device Design

by Kyle Kotowick, Ph.D.

In life-or-death situations, Internet of Medical Things-enabled devices are helpful only if healthcare professionals are willing to use them.

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How Roblox Became One of Gaming’s Hottest Companies

by Michael J. McDonald

Roblox Corp. is an online gaming company with no history of blockbuster titles and whose biggest market is preteens. Yet, after its IPO in mid-March, the company’s value surpassed industry stalwart Electronic Arts Inc. So what’s the secret to its success?

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How to Improve App Settings UX

by Mayank Sharma

Well-designed settings panels allow users to tailor apps to their needs and help companies lower customer-support costs. What techniques ensure effortless settings UX?

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Why Companies Shouldn’t Reintroduce All Travel Post-COVID-19

by Matthew M.F. Miller

With health and safety concerns for workers, and liability and logistical concerns for companies, it’s just not worth returning to the operational status quo.

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A Kubernetes Service Mesh Comparison

by Guillaume Dury

As microservices architecture continues to evolve, interservice communication has become a significant challenge to manage. Service meshes are becoming the standard solution, but how do popular and up-and-coming service meshes compare?

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As Talent Goes Remote, Smaller Cities Make Big Gains

by Michael J. McDonald

San Francisco and New York City are not the draws they once were because of a surge in virtual work options. Now, surprising new hubs are emerging.

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The Platform Mindset in API Product Management

by Rohan Lulla

A successful API strategy isn’t about building products; it’s about building potential. Good API product managers recognize this and prioritize the factors that smooth adoption for potential partners.

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