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Fitter, Happier, More Productive – An Artificial Intelligence Case Study

by Toptal Research

There's a wealth of practical applications for powerful technology like AI, like creating health and wellbeing resources for a new generation of college students. Here, we offer an inside glimpse into how the University of Southern California accomplished just that with the help of on-demand talent.

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The Price Is Right – A Pricing Strategy Overview for Consumer Companies

by Natasha Ketabchi

Pricing your products appropriately is one of the keys to the success of your company. So why do entrepreneurs often treat it as an afterthought? What are some of the available pricing strategies and how should they be applied by startup entrepreneurs?

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Unlocking the Power of a Multigenerational Workforce, Part 1: Does Age Matter?

by Toptal Research

From the Greatest Generation to Gen Z, our modern workforce spans decades of time, culture, and experience. This series explores the challenges and potential of this new world of work. This installment looks at why skills matter more than age and how employers are looking beyond birthdates and geography to find talent.

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Flexible A/B Testing with AWS [email protected]

by Georgios Boutsioukis

One of the new possibilities offered by [email protected] is the ability to implement server-side A/B testing using Lambdas on CloudFront’s edge servers. In this article, Toptal Full-stack Developer Georgios Boutsioukis guides you through the process and outlines the pros and cons of A/B testing with [email protected]

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Solutions, Not Art – The True Business Value of Design

by Andres Esquivel

Designers who focus on the business value of design will make themselves more indispensable to companies because businesses aren’t buying design; they are buying outcomes.

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Stars Realigned: Improving the IMDb Rating System

by Juan Manuel Ortiz de Zarate

IMDb ratings have genre bias: For example, dramas tend to score higher. Removing common feature bias and keeping unique characteristics, it's possible to create a new, refined score based on IMDb information.

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DesignIcon ChevronDesign Process

Who's at the Helm? – Dissecting the Qualities of Design Leadership

by Sara Vilas Santiago

Should designers lead? Can design leadership be defined? What leadership style gets the best results? We present six design leadership profiles and examine the pros and cons of each.

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Fatigued by the Subscription Business Model

by Alex Graham, CFA

The subscription business model has existed for generations but has recently surged in popularity. In efforts to replicate the success of the SaaS sector, consumer products startups are increasingly trying to stimulate recurring revenue by offering subscriptions.

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EngineeringIcon ChevronTechnology

Stork, Part 4: Implementing Statements and Wrapping Up

by Jakisa Tomic

The development of our lightweight programming language created in C++ is nearing completion and we can finally see it in action. In the final part of our Stork series, Toptal Full-stack Developer Jakisa Tomic explains how to implement statements, tuples, and modules.

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