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The Financial Implications of Using AI in Marketing

Scarce funding is squeezing startup budgets, leading to smaller allocations for essential marketing functions such as web analytics, SEO, and email outreach. Discover how AI can enable companies to perform these tasks at significantly lower costs.

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Asset Mendesh

Asset Mendesh

Asset is a digital performance marketer who specializes in B2B lead generation and digital strategy. He has led successful marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and a range of startups, and has managed budgets of more than $600,000. He holds a bachelor’s in economics and business, and a master’s in strategic marketing from Imperial College Business School in London.

Transforming Engagement: How Top Brands Are Using Augmented Reality (AR) Marketing Techniques

Augmented reality is redefining how brands engage customers, and top brands are offering exciting immersive experiences. Explore current applications and what the future of AR in marketing might hold.

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Gabriel Ignacio

Gabriel Ignacio

Gabriel is a digital marketing expert and product manager. He has launched products and services for multinational organizations including Nestlé, Citibank, and Royal Bank of Canada, where he was Head of Crypto Assets, Digital Assets, and AI Products. Gabriel takes an entrepreneurial approach to all his roles, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and innovations for successful outcomes.

How to Create an SEO Keyword Strategy With Color-coded Priorities

Despite the importance of selecting SEO keywords, many companies still resort to intuition. This visual strategy guide clarifies keyword prioritization for content development, backlink campaigns, and paid ads.

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Robert Franklin

Robert Franklin

Robert is a digital marketing and e-commerce expert who integrates performance marketing and analytics to develop creative brand solutions. His B2B and B2C brand strategy expertise includes the consumer goods, auto, education, and tech sectors, and he has led marketing campaigns and projects across global markets.

Digital Advertising for Small Businesses: A 6-Step Plan for Building E-commerce Success

Standing out among crowds of online sellers can feel impossible. Maximize the success of your digital campaigns with this complete guide to e-commerce advertising for small businesses.

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Ariel Morton

Ariel Morton

Ariel is a marketing expert who helps businesses of all sizes develop robust digital marketing strategies and execute targeted advertising campaigns that drive lead and sales conversion and grow revenue. Her previous clients include Dr Teal’s and Native; she has an MBA in marketing strategy.

Toptal Marketing Expert

David Bailey

David has rich experience in diverse marketing and product roles. He led cross-functional teams in global organizations, including Apple and Samsung, and managed distributed teams in smaller startups and scale-ups. David is passionate about developing and executing strategies to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
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