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Branding Is Dead, CX Design Is King

by Micah Bowers

CX design encompasses EVERY interaction that a customer has with a business. By adopting a CX mindset, brand designers will learn to meaningfully engage customers at multiple touchpoints.

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The Art of Virtue Signaling: Why so Many Brands Get It Wrong

by Micah Bowers

Many brands overshoot the subtleties of virtue signaling. They preach, posture, and alienate the people they’re trying to impress. We explore how companies can bang their virtue drums better.

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The Dos and Don'ts of a Rebranding Strategy

by Jordan DeVos

Rebranding requires a lot of strategy. Some companies have done it well, others have flopped. Learn what works and what doesn’t in this list of lessons gathered from those who have rebranded.

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The Origins of Bad Logo Redesigns

by Micah Bowers

A logo redesign without controversy is like a workout with no sweat. It's possible, but is it impactful? We scrutinize high-drama logo updates and ask why they caught fire in the public arena.

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Design’s Driving Forces – A Website Redesign Case Study

by Goran Ramljak

When is the most appropriate time to do a website redesign? This case study walks us through a website redesign for a high-end auto company and outlines key issues along the way.

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Logo History 101 – A Walkthrough of Lasting Impressions

by Micah Bowers

Join us on a journey through the annals of design history, and test your knowledge of famous logos along the way.

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What is Branding? Everything is Branding.

by Micah Bowers

From personal brands to anti-brands, we’ve entered an age of incessant brand awareness. Branding is everywhere, but is everything branding?

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The Principles of Design and Their Importance

by Cameron Chapman

Good design is possible without understanding the principles of design. But it may take a lot of trial and error to create something that both looks good and creates an optimal user experience.

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