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NFTs for Designers: An Introduction

by Gabor Molnar

The global NFT market relies on designers to support artists, Web3 platforms and marketplaces, and major global brands. Toptal designer Gabor Molnar offers insights from his experience breaking into this emerging field.

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Designing GitHub’s Octoverse: A Data Visualization Case Study

by Gemma Busquets

Designer Gemma Busquets shares how she created a responsive website and 20+ engaging charts and graphs for the software development platform’s annual report.

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Own Your Health: The State of Connected Medical Devices

by Lauren Song

At-home medical monitoring is on the rise, thanks to the growing ranks of IoT devices and the promise of fewer doctor visits. How can designers ensure that at-home products meet patients’ needs?

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4 Steps to Mastering the MVP Development Process

by Calin Balea

In the world of startup products, design resources are scarce. This four-step MVP process helps designers build and launch user-friendly products on time without blowing their budgets.

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Medical Billing Reimagined: A UI/UX Case Study

by Beatriz Garcia de Prado

Toptal designer Beatriz Garcia de Prado explains how she built a digital product to replace the outdated paper forms doctors were sending to insurance companies.

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How to Conduct User Research as a Team of One

by Anna Vasyukova

User research is essential to product design, but it can be challenging to do alone. Explore how a solo designer can optimize time and resources to uncover important user insights.

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The Future of User Interface Design: Next-generation UI Tools

by Damir Kotorić

The next wave of UI design tools will fully integrate design and code to provide a seamless experience for designers and developers.

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Vital Design: The Importance of Healthcare App Accessibility

by Amy Oughton

COVID-19 made telemedicine popular—and in some cases, necessary. But many platforms and apps are inaccessible to those who need them most. Designers can change that.

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