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The Allure and Impact of Minimalist UX Design

by Ravi Talajiya

Minimalism is a prevalent design approach, but putting its principles into practice is challenging. Follow these minimalist UX design strategies to build frictionless digital products that help users reach their goals.

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Business Is Booming: A Guide to E-commerce UI/UX Design for Older Consumers

by Laurence Brothers

As the world’s population ages, retailers hoping to attract and retain customers will have to tailor their e-commerce interfaces to appeal to savvy older consumers.

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Kinder Tools: How to Improve Enterprise UX Design for Mental Health

by Danae Botha

Enterprise tools can be fraught with features and interactions that exacerbate mental health disorders. These UX solutions improve accessibility and help everyone have a better workday.

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For Your Health: 5 Tips and Strategies for Wellness Branding

by Pilar Rios Niño

The health and wellness industry is booming, creating opportunity—and a competitive market. Wellness businesses can apply these branding best practices to stand out and connect with customers.

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Necessary Friction: The Theatrics of UX Security

by Nenad Ivanovic

Contrary to conventional wisdom, there are times when making products harder to use can be beneficial. Here’s how to use positive friction to enhance UX security and user trust.

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Life in Motion: A Guide to Animating Mobile Data Visualizations

by Daniel Nisttahuz

Animation can make data more comprehensible, engaging, and useful, especially on mobile. When animating data visualizations, designers should use motion design principles—and avoid common pitfalls.

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NFTs for Designers: An Introduction

by Gabor Molnar

The global NFT market relies on designers to support artists, Web3 platforms and marketplaces, and major global brands. Toptal designer Gabor Molnar offers insights from his experience breaking into this emerging field.

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Designing GitHub’s Octoverse: A Data Visualization Case Study

by Gemma Busquets

Designer Gemma Busquets shares how she created a responsive website and 20+ engaging charts and graphs for the software development platform’s annual report.

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