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Pinterest for Designers – An Overview

by Cameron Chapman

When it comes to social media for designers, the first site that comes to mind is Instagram. But designers shouldn’t overlook the second-most-popular image-based social network: Pinterest.

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The Art of Virtue Signaling: Why so Many Brands Get It Wrong

by Micah Bowers

Many brands overshoot the subtleties of virtue signaling. They preach, posture, and alienate the people they’re trying to impress. We explore how companies can bang their virtue drums better.

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The Origins of Bad Logo Redesigns

by Micah Bowers

A logo redesign without controversy is like a workout with no sweat. It's possible, but is it impactful? We scrutinize high-drama logo updates and ask why they caught fire in the public arena.

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Expert Perspectives on the State of Design Education

by Micah Bowers

Aspiring designers have more educational opportunities than any time in history. Do the available options provide worthwhile design training, or are they simply clever money-making schemes?

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How to Transition from UX Designer to UX Consultant

by Micah Bowers

What does a UX consultant do? More importantly, what does it take for a UX designer to become a consultant and thrive?

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A Day in the Freelance Life – Getting to Know Toptal Designers

by Micah Bowers

Are remote-working and freelancing viable options for designers? We interview Toptal designers to discover how they’re forging freelance careers with meaningful work for high-impact global companies.

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Work Smarter with These Freelance Designer Tips

by Isaac Kadosh

Poor client management can cost designers work and damage reputations. By proactively managing project expectations and responsibilities early, designers can build great relationships with their clients.

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The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Website Design

by Yej Lee

Designing an eCommerce site is not just about building a website to sell products, but designing a pleasant online shopping experience. This comprehensive guide walks us through the best practices.

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