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Ludan Luan, China

Member since June 16, 2015
Ludan is a well-rounded mobile/web developer with extensive knowledge and experience on the full stack, both front- and back-end. Being a hybrid engineer, he can develop both mobile and web apps and do both native and cross platform for mobile. He can design and build whole systems of any size from scratch using industry-best architectural patterns and software paradigms. He has a special talent for building systems with desktop and mobile ends.Click to continue

Andrei Serban, Romania

Member since November 12, 2015
After working for three years with different web development companies in Romania, Andrei decided to start working on his own. Since the beginning of October 2012, he has been working as a freelance developer, which is still his main occupation. Andrei develops full-stack websites, mostly using LAMP technologies.Click to continue

Miguel Hughes, Argentina

Member since June 1, 2016
Miguel has a wide range of experience in various areas and languages, but his strongest language is C#. He enjoys coding just like people enjoy solving puzzles or sudoku magazines. He believes that software development should be fun and exciting. Miguel enjoys learning new skills and is an open, respectful, and polite developer. Click to continue
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