Dan Kozlowski, Web Technologies Developer in Arlington Heights, IL, United States
Dan Kozlowski

Web Technologies Developer in Arlington Heights, IL, United States

Member since July 8, 2019
Dan is has been working in technology for 20 years and has worked with many large firms such as Oracle and Accenture, with startups and in his own business. His technology focus as of late has been with e-commerce and full-stack web development and dev ops. Through his career, he has many opportunities to architect and deliver large scale solutions to clients but also has been able to stay hands-on with the technology throughout.
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  • Xumlus
    Google Analytics, Database Design, Google Cloud, Amazon Aurora...
  • USA Pool Pros
    Google Analytics, Google Cloud, Software Development, Bitbucket, eCommerce...
  • Oracle
    Database Design, IT Business Analysis, Business Analysis...



Arlington Heights, IL, United States



Preferred Environment

Databases, REST, JavaScript, Web Technologies

The most amazing...

...project I've created was my own eCommerce business with open source software. The experience from the technology to all of the business challenges was amazing.


  • Architect/Developer/Owner

    2009 - PRESENT
    • Contributed to various projects ranging from Oracle WebCenter Content, WebCenter Sites, WebCenter portal as well as open-source Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce. Frequently served a Major part in Analysis, Architecture, Desing and Build. Lead many teams across process, QA and technology disciples by balancing a deep technical understanding with a clear understanding of the business objectives and processes.
    • Served as the lead technical architect for a clustered Oracle WebCenter 12c solution at US Cellular. Cellsite and AgentCellsite used very innovative identity management that allowed users across the country to access with various supported methods Kerberos, SAML, AD, Angular.
    • Implemented a major WebCenter for a US government entity. Implemented several security enhancements and SSO to WebCenter portal and Oracle Identity Manager.
    • Integrated WebCenter Sites and WebCenter content for ADM. Migrated existing website data to Oracle.
    • Created several innovative API driven solutions for building a custom application on Oracle WebCenter that leveraged modern design principles and tools, REST, Responsive design, jQuery, and AngularJS. These resulted in huge client successes where otherwise standard Oracle development practices would have been lagging.
    • Fully integrated the full lifecycle release of a Magento 2 store with Oracle EBS for Rogers and Hollands Jewelry.
    • Full Lifecycle Magento 2 deployment and customization for Moon Audio. Started in Magento 2.2.1 and managed through 2.3.1.
    • Build and Integrated Magento Warranty Module for a startup integrates to Node/react backend application via rest and synced and integrated to Magento/Netsuite order fulfillment.
    • Replace Documentum based KB for Medicare/Medicade with Oracle WebCenter Portal and Oracle WebCenter Content.
    • Created custom user interface in Bootstrap/jQuery for Oracle WebCenter content at a Major Bank to allow full drag and drop browser functionality as well as mulitselct and type ahead. Feature not available in the native ui or ADF.
    • Implemented Oracle WebCenter Content, Oracle WebCenter Sites and Oracle ATG for Constellation brands. We created customer user interfaces based on responsive web designs (bootstrap) custom Oracle Text search faceting and indexing, jQuery and other rest based service frontend UI tools. Also implemented shopping cart like features for downloading of Digital assets from Oracle Digital Asset Manager.
    • Developed major integrations through 4 main external suppliers with over 100,000 products syncing product inventory to a Magento 2 instance every hour. We overcame many processing issue by engineering delta inventory files as well as using async rabbit MG message queueing.
    • Created a branded microsite for a new brand StickItList on Shopify.
    Technologies: Google Analytics, Database Design, Google Cloud, Amazon Aurora, IT Business Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis, ETL, Data Migration, Software Development, GraphQL, Bitbucket, eCommerce, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, Debugging, React, PL/SQL, MySQL, Git, Oracle DBMS, Oracle WebCenter Content, Freelance Developer, Web Development, Redis, Linux, AWS, eCommerce Platforms, Varnish, REST API, Test-driven Development (TDD), Magento 2, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Amazon Web Services (AWS), Oracle WebCenter Sites, JavaScript, Magento, Oracle WebCenter Portal, JavaScript 5, Elastic
  • CTO and Co-owner

    2009 - 2012
    USA Pool Pros
    • Owned and operated an eCommerce business that grew from $0 to $1 million/yr revenue in just 3 years.
    • Led all eCommerce Magento 1 technology initiatives including the creation of a unique bundling module that allowed the sale of entire pool packages, this increased average AOV and margins. Fully integrated inventory with the suppliers with real-time data feed processing.
    Technologies: Google Analytics, Google Cloud, Software Development, Bitbucket, eCommerce, Data Analysis, Debugging, MySQL, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Git, Oracle DBMS, Web Development, Redis, Linux, eCommerce Platforms, JavaScript, REST, SOAP, Magento, JavaScript 5
  • Technical Architect

    2006 - 2009
    • Served as the lead Architect to integrate Oracle solutions with Oracle WebCenter. Technologies included OAM, Oracle ATG, Oracle EBS, Oracle BPEL, Oracle PBM.
    • Interfaced with stakeholders and senior-level management to design solutions to meet customer objectives, while staying within budget.
    • Architected and designed solutions for budgets ranging from $100,000 to $2 million.
    • Trained and mentored consultants on new initiatives.
    • Provided leadership for 5-member project team.
    • Orchestrated, designed, and presented software solutions to customers during scoping and design phases.
    Technologies: Database Design, IT Business Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis, ETL, Data Migration, REST API, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, Debugging, PL/SQL, Java EE, Oracle DBMS, Oracle WebCenter Content, Web Development, Linux, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • Technical Architect

    2002 - 2006
    Support Soft
    • Provided pre- and post-sales support to scope and deliver professional services for deployment of company software.
    • Coordinated and deployed technology to hundreds of thousands of endpoints through client desktop support and help desk teams at major companies.
    • Selected to visit troubled accounts or high-value prospects to secure new business or retain existing clients.
    • Directed enterprise team, managed schedule, delegated assignments to consultants, and partnered with customers to define enterprise work.
    Technologies: IT Business Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis, Data Migration, Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Analysis, Debugging, Oracle DBMS, Linux, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server, Visual Basic, ASP
  • Consultant

    2001 - 2002
    Form + Function Consulting
    • Brought on board to sell and implement $1 million Kana CRM project to Columbia House Records.
    • Provided consulting/technical expertise to clients.
    • Headed IT reorganization project process team at ABRN Amro Bank while working to close Columbia House deal.
    Technologies: Database Design, IT Business Analysis, Business Analysis, Business Process Analysis, Data Migration, ASP, Data Engineering, Debugging, Oracle DBMS, Microsoft
  • Manager

    1998 - 2001
    • Tapped to provide process and technical consulting expertise for various initiatives.
    • Aligned with process group and progressed to technical group roles.
    • Led team of 5 consultants in creation of leading Accenture demonstration used to promote CRM thought leadership to clients.
    • Directed technical delivery of 30-member team of developers.
    • Trained and mentored junior consultants.
    Technologies: Database Design, IT Business Analysis, Business Analysis, Data Migration, ASP, LAN, Data Engineering, Debugging, PL/SQL, Java EE, Oracle DBMS, Microsoft
  • Computer Specialist

    1994 - 1998
    • Performed database programming for various networking and small applications.
    Technologies: Debugging, Windows, LAN


  • Leading Healthcare Provider | Oracle Webcenter Architect (Development)

    Oracle WebCenter Architect is a Java-based web content management system running on AWS infrastructure to power 30+ websites for a major healthcare provider.
    I worked on the application team that managed the infrastructure and took the lead development and architecture roles for the large extended development teams (eight teams in total). I created an innovative static publishing and caching system that used Python to extract HTML data from the Oracle system to speed performance from 2-3 second load times to 300 milliseconds. I also managed automation for patching and upgrades across 100+ AWS servers.

  • US Cellular (Development)

    US Cellular needed to replace the dated Documentum-based content management system that powered their intranet and extranet-based agent knowledge portals. Xumulus partnered with the internal IS teams to deliver an innovative solution that leverages Oracle WebCenter sites (OWCS), Oracle WebCenter content (OWCC), and third-party security solutions using both Apache mod_mellon for SAM and Apache mod_auth_kerberos fully integrated to their IAM back end. This allowed external and internal teams to authenticate seamlessly to the new portals. We implemented the Oracle WebCenter sites' 12c platform. The front-end solution was designed to be served off a single OWCS site but used the sites' security context to personalize the site content. Thus, management overhead in creating and managing content across two sites was reduced. Additionally, this allowed for a personalized user experience based on rolls with the organization.

  • Constellation Brands (Development)

    Oracle digital asset management system with various modifications. The system was built with Oracle WebCenter content and had several java-based modifications as well as building custom web-based UIs using REST services and jQuery.

  • Jackson Family Wines (Development)

    As one of the premier wine families with over 60 brands under its umbrella, Jackson Family Wines needed a solution to allow its channel partners to quickly navigate and find all brand assets housed in its Oracle digital asset management system. They needed a solution that would be easy to implement and to leverage the tens of thousands of assets already in its digital asset management system. By using this system API and by implementing special indexing techniques we were able to create a website that allowed users to find assets using faceted search. Allowing users to quickly hone in on the assets that they were looking for, download them and repurpose them in their marketing and customer-focused activities. TheKey is a huge part of bringing their many brands to market.

  • NTWOnline.com Magento to BigCommerce Migration (Development)

    I migrated a website from Magento 2 and fully integrated it with Mail Order Manager (MOM) to Big Commerce. Also, I used Hawksearch to enable search and search filtering. This increased conversion rates post-launch by 90% and page load time by 40%.

  • Major Audiophile Website Magento 2 to BigCommerce Migration (Development)

    I migrated the website from Magento 2 to Bigcommerce while maintaining many custom features from Magento, product attachments, product customizers, and CMS Page customized menus. I also created a new Cornerstone Stencil theme to support the same front end as the Magento store had. Finally, I migrated all products, and page and blog data.


  • Languages

    JavaScript 5, SQL, JavaScript, HTML5, HTML, PHP, JavaScript 6, PHP 7, Java, Visual Basic, Python, GraphQL
  • Libraries/APIs

    jQuery, REST API, BigCommerce API, Google API, Facebook API, Node.js, React
  • Tools

    Oracle WebCenter Content, Git, Bitbucket, Google Analytics, Elastic, Varnish, Jira, Akeneo, GitHub
  • Paradigms

    Database Design, ETL, REST, DevOps, Test-driven Development (TDD), Acceptance Test-driven Development (ATDD)
  • Platforms

    Magento, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), BigCommerce, Magento 2, Windows, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java EE, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle WebCenter Portal
  • Industry Expertise

    Web Development, eCommerce
  • Storage

    MySQL, Oracle DBMS, Oracle SQL, Elasticsearch, Google Cloud, Redis, Microsoft SQL Server, AWS RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Databases, Amazon Aurora, PL/SQL
  • Other

    Web Technologies, Oracle WebLogic Application Server, Debugging, Data Visualization, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, Data Migration, Business Process Analysis, Business Analysis, IT Business Analysis, APIs, Oracle WebCenter Sites, Freelance Developer, Software Development, AWS, LAN, SOAP, BigCommerce Stencil Design, eCommerce Platforms, Agile Deployment
  • Frameworks

    ASP, .NET, Oracle ADF, Angular


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry
    1990 - 1994
    University of Illinois - Illinois

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