Rise of Remote

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Redefining Retirement: The Benefits of Freelancing After 60

by Erik Stettler

Modern freelancing is easier and more rewarding than older workers may think. Toptal’s chief economist breaks down the advantages of freelancing in semiretirement.

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Toxic Communication in Virtual Workspaces: A Looming Liability for Remote and Hybrid Companies

by Jeffrey Gangemi

The tendency to “speak” more harshly from a keyboard than you would face to face—called online disinhibition—doesn’t just happen on Twitter. When it creeps into office conversations, it can create a toxic work environment that damages your brand and bottom line.

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The Shadow Pandemic: Ransomware’s Present and Future Dangers for Corporations

by Peter Matuszak

The fight against ransomware can’t be left to government or law enforcement agencies alone. Corporate leaders must pitch in—to protect their own companies and the global economy.

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Work As We Knew It Is Ending. The Remote, Freelance Revolution Has Begun

by Michael J. McDonald

Toptal’s Chief Economist believes now is the time for top talent to go freelance and for even more businesses to embrace contingent work. Thought leaders from the Fortune 500 consultancy JLL, BMO Financial Group, and more agree. Here’s why.

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How to Lead Fewer, Better Meetings in 2021 and Beyond

by Matthew M.F. Miller

Author Daniel Stillman shares tips every leader needs to improve the organizational communication issues plaguing suddenly remote teams.

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How Verizon Created an Award-winning Virtual Internship Program

by Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

Last year, Verizon transformed its internship program to be fully remote. Here’s how they created a rewarding experience for students and managers.

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Digitally Divided: Zoom-less Rural America Looks to Close Broadband Gap

by Michael J. McDonald

Poor investments and service monopolies have blocked many Americans from high-speed internet access. Renewed interest in boosting broadband might finally bridge the access gap.

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Why Companies Shouldn’t Reintroduce All Travel Post-COVID-19

by Matthew M.F. Miller

With health and safety concerns for workers, and liability and logistical concerns for companies, it’s just not worth returning to the operational status quo.

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