Rise of Remote

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The Suddenly Remote Playbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Working Remotely

by Toptal

The future of work arrived overnight. Now, companies and their workers are asking: “How do you do distributed work the right way?” For more than a decade, Toptal has thrived to become the world’s largest fully remote company. To share how we do it, we decided to create a comprehensive guide—an invaluable tool for individuals and organizations who’ve been thrust into this new reality.

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The Power of Optionality, Part 3: Adapting to New Market Landscapes

by Erik Stettler

Optionality has long been regarded as the only approach that gains value from market landscape volatility. Here’s how to map out an optionality-driven approach during even the most extraordinary times.

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How to Build and Sustain a Remote Culture

by Jordan Davidson

With over 4,000 people across more than 100 countries, Toptal has mastered the art of attracting and retaining premier talent in a remote environment. Leaders at the company attribute its success to its corporate culture, which serves as the foundation for everything they do.

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Black Swans 3: How Challenges Lead to Breakthroughs

by Erik Stettler

The world is reinventing itself after COVID-19. Through lessons from national economies, companies, and individuals, this piece presents critical considerations for helping our cities or countries and adapting our companies and careers.

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Inside Toptal's Product Team

by Kleanthis Georgaris

VP of Product Kleanthis Georgaris shares the internal workings of a world-class remote product team and what it takes to work at Toptal.

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Client Relationship Management Through the Shift to Remote: A Q&A with Sachin Bhagwata

by Paul Estes

Sachin Bhagwata is interim vice president of enterprise sales at Toptal, the world’s largest fully distributed company. Paul Estes, editor-in-chief of Staffing.com, recently sat down with Bhagwata to discuss insights from Toptal’s Suddenly Remote Playbook.

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The Power of Optionality, Part 2: Volatility to Opportunity with Distributed Teams

by Erik Stettler

Optionality is critical as we confront economic dislocation due to COVID-19. Learn how to identify options, rapidly test hypotheses and prototypes, scale options, and create ongoing learning for your organization with the aid of remote, on-demand talent.

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Why Diversity of Experience Is Better: A Q&A with David Nuff

by Paul Estes

David Nuff is a principal at design agency Nuff and part of the Toptal network, where he designs for brands including Cisco, Nestle, and Google. Paul Estes spoke with Nuff about his experience as a freelancer and why organizations are increasingly adopting on-demand talent.

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