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Rise of Remote

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The Suddenly Remote Playbook: A Comprehensive Guide for Working Remotely

by Toptal

The future of work arrived overnight. Now, companies and their workers are asking: “How do you do distributed work the right way?” For more than a decade, Toptal has thrived to become the world’s largest fully remote company. To share how we do it, we decided to create a comprehensive guide—an invaluable tool for individuals and organizations who’ve been thrust into this new reality.

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The Power of Optionality, Part 2: Volatility to Opportunity with Distributed Teams

by Erik Stettler

Optionality is critical as we confront economic dislocation due to COVID-19. Learn how to identify options, rapidly test hypotheses and prototypes, scale options, and create ongoing learning for your organization with the aid of remote, on-demand talent.

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Trusting a Remote Workforce: A Q&A with Michelle Labbe

by Paul Estes

Michelle Labbe, VP of people at Toptal, leads the people and recruiting teams. Paul Estes recently sat down with Labbe to discuss the culture of a fully remote organization and how it differs from a central office.

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The Power of Optionality, Part 1: Tech & Talent

by Erik Stettler

The greatest risks can be systematically converted into valuable opportunities via optionality. This three-part series offers a framework for evaluating risk and reward in extreme contexts while utilizing on-demand talent to leverage these opportunities fast.

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Remote Work and the Globalization of Services

by Kleanthis Georgaris

Until recently, globalization has been about the trade of goods, not services. The ability of companies to hire remote workers allows—for the first time—the global trade of services. This will have major implications for the global economy.

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Managing Performance with Distributed Teams: A Q&A with Kleanthis Georgaris

by Paul Estes

Kleanthis Georgaris is responsible for the evolution of Toptal's platform and associated products. He discusses how companies and employees can successfully transition to a remote environment, based on The Suddenly Remote Playbook, published by Toptal.

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Navigating Global Talent Management: A Q&A with Christy Schumann

by Paul Estes

Christy Schumann is Vice President of Talent Operations at Toptal, the world’s largest fully distributed company. Paul Estes recently sat down with Schumann to discuss the future of remote work and how to pair a global pool of talented freelancers with companies worldwide.

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Black Swans and the Paradigm Shift of Remote Work – COVID-19 Lessons, Part 2

by Erik Stettler

Remote work is a paradigm shift with profound implications. Here, Toptal’s Chief Economist identifies the main challenges of the traditional work paradigm. In doing so, he reveals how breaking these constraints leads to closer collaboration and more innovation than ever before.

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