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4 Bold Predictions About the Metaverse and Business

by Laurence Brothers

The so-called “future of the internet” isn’t here yet, but it’s coming soon. Here’s how to start preparing your company for impending metaverse growth.

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Cybersecurity Spotlight: Preparing Your Organization for Deepfake Voice Clone Fraud

by Christopher Holloway

Neural networks have become expert manufacturers of the human voice, a skill that both content creators and cybercriminals love. Experts from the United Nations, Adobe, and speech synthesis pioneer Descript weigh in.

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The Key Automation Opportunity Healthcare Leaders Must Focus on Next

by Peter Matuszak

Insurance verification and prior authorizations eat up precious hours that skilled staff could be spending with patients. AI in healthcare can help.

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5 Lessons From Fast-growing Tech, Energy, and Fintech Companies

by KJ Bannan

Worried about the impact of economic volatility on your company’s revenue? Toptal asked leaders of four hypergrowth companies what drives their continued expansion.

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Navigating the Next Normal: Fortune 500 Executives on the Future of Talent

by Sunny Gold

Top HR leaders at Walmart, Xerox, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and Synchrony tell Toptal about the innovative steps they’re taking to attract, nurture, and grow top talent.

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Enterprise Case Study: How 100% Tuition Reimbursement Future-proofs Walmart’s Business

by Lauren Drell

Six months after the relaunch of Walmart’s free education initiative, the director of the program gives Toptal Insights an exclusive update—and explains why other businesses should follow suit.

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The Shadow Pandemic: Ransomware’s Present and Future Dangers for Corporations

by Peter Matuszak

The fight against ransomware can’t be left to government or law enforcement agencies alone. Corporate leaders must pitch in—to protect their own companies and the global economy.

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What Every Executive Needs to Know About the Day Facebook Disappeared From the Internet

by Peter Matuszak

Leading Toptal engineering and finance experts analyze the social network’s epic outage and distill key takeaways for business leaders. Find out what you can do to protect your company from a costly service interruption.

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