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Optimizing the Future of Global Humanitarian Efforts

by Toptal Research

The European and Americas winners of the Toptal Scholarship for Women are reinvigorating global humanitarian efforts by applying cutting-edge technologies to refugee relief and scientific research.

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History of Augmented Reality: Glow Pucks to Immersive Reality

by Andrew Graunke

Andrew Graunke, Toptal Head of Enterprise Design, has implemented augmented reality (AR) design projects for dozens of enterprises. Here he outlines his pocket history of AR: from fighter jets to touchless computers to Glow Pucks, AR has already started making waves. Based on his current projects and pipeline, Graunke also blueprints his vision for AR's future.

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How to Predict the Future: Mitigating the Impacts of Uncertainty

by Toptal Research

Strategic foresight has become an essential tool for any organization, but how does futurism translate to strategy? In this interview, Amy Zalman, PhD, founder of foresight consultancy Prescient, explains how to utilize strategic foresight and navigate the influx of artificial intelligence and other global transformations.

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The Enterprise Starting Point: Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

by Toptal Research

An expanding array of artificial technology options presents enterprise executives with a daunting challenge: where to start? Toptal executives share perspective on the distinction between AI and Data Science, and why the latter serves as the best starting point for most companies.

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How Technology Can Fix Student Assessments

by Toptal Research

In K-12 education, end-of-year student tests drive crucial decisions for teachers and policymakers. But these assessments are profoundly flawed ways of measuring student growth and achievement. This article explores the ways in which technology can improve such assessments, as well as the K-12 classroom experience as a whole.

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AI vs. BI: Differences and Synergies

by Toptal Research

Business Intelligence and artificial intelligence are increasingly crucial yet often misunderstood tools in an enterprise context. This article clarifies the differences between each field and explains how they will work together in the future.

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Talent is Not a Commodity

by Michael Kearns

To drive digital transformation, companies increasingly rely on external resources to build and maintain new products. However, the means by which they source such resources often generate mixed results. In this article, we explore the historical roots of contingent labor sourcing, focusing on IT recruitment. We then share perspective from an executive who lead a recent Fortune 500 digital transformation, during which he adopted an innovative approach to rapidly scale his team of talent.

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Chatbot Technology: Past, Present, and Future

by Rick Birkenstock

Chatbots are among the most visible applications of AI technology. This article explores how chatbots have evolved into important tools for consumers, businesses, and entire industries.

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