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Three Healthcare Technology Innovations: Driving Better Outcomes and Lower Costs

by Vijay Shrinivas

Technology innovations stand to benefit patients and the healthcare system in two dramatic ways. Already several examples of such innovation are driving improved patient outcomes while simultaneously reducing the cost to deliver care. In this article, we explore three diverse examples, each poised to impact patients, providers and payers.

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Can Virtual Reality Cure the Opioid Epidemic?

by Toptal Research

Virtual reality stands to make a huge impact in the field of pain management. Through the power of play and distraction, VR therapy can serve as an important tool in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

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A New Frontier: Blockchain Energy Solutions

by Matt Dixon

Innovative energy companies are deploying blockchain to streamline operations and improve customer experience. Building on our first article, we explore case studies in energy and highlight similar themes and lessons for exploring real-world blockchain applications.

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Blockchain Identity Management: Sparking a Data Security Revolution

by Toptal Research

Blockchain technology represents an important solution for preventing massive data breaches in the future. This article explores two possible ways this solution could manifest, profiling two ventures -- Blockstack and Civic.

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Beyond Crypto: Blockchain Applications Deliver Enterprise Solutions

by Saurin Patel

How are blockchain applications starting to help enterprises solve complex, costly problems? Saurin Patel, Client Partner at Toptal, provides a comprehensive, non-technical overview of blockchain as an enabling technology for the enterprise, and highlights recent use cases of the world's leading companies harnessing the fledgling technology's great potential.

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Cybersecurity in Higher Education: Problems and Solutions

by Stacy Campbell

Cybersecurity challenges abound in higher education. This article explores the cybersecurity threats that the higher education space faces, as well as a range of solutions that can help colleges and universities combat future attacks.

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DevOps: What It Is and Why It Matters

by Alvaro Oliveira

What is DevOps, and why is it important for your organization to understand and implement? Alvaro Oliveira, VP of Talent Operations at Toptal, provides a comprehensive, non-technical explanation of what DevOps means, and explores why DevOps principles are crucial for enterprise organizations of all stripes to consider.

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Big Data: Prescription for the Pharmaceutical R&D Plight

by Melissa Lin

Pharma R&D is a notoriously long and arduous process, and it can take more than 10 years and $2.6 billion to bring a single drug to market. Among the biggest players, the return on investment for R&D fell to 3.7% in 2016. However, a solution could be data analytics, which enhances and accelerates drug development. This article examines the current state of drug development, and how big data can improve its different components: drug discovery, clinical trial design, and adverse drug reaction detection.

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