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Adan Perez, United States

Interim CPO
Adan is a passionate technologist and successful startup executive with 15+ years of experience in digital product management, engineering, and marketing—focusing on lean methodology, design prototyping, mobile apps, SaaS platforms, and APIs. He’s advocated for custo... Click to continue

Laurie Harvey, United States

Interim CPO
Laurie is a skilled project manager who drives unprecedented results. Starting from the ground up, she's a strong leader. She leverages her ability to inspire results with a focus on prioritizing high-impact efforts. She has delivered B2B and B2C offerings for startu... Click to continue

Justin MacLean, United States

Interim CPO
Justin is a strategic data, technology, and analytics executive with a deep and diverse background. He is adept at addressing strategic opportunities with a context-aware, data-driven approach. He uses Agile product management, structured collaboration, and analytics... Click to continue